ATWT Update Monday 2/3/03


As the World Turns Monday 2/3/03

By Loretta

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Over drinks, Rose tells Paul she feels that he is trying to dump her. Paul says he is not but they need to re-connect. Paul feels Rose is trying to dump him. Rose explains how there were many wonderful men in Italy, but she went to sleep alone for six months and she only had him (Paul) on her mind. Paul tells Rose that there is no one else for him but her. Rose says she is presently not sure whom she belongs to, but is excited about her new business venture. Paul offers to go with Rose to look at the building she intends to lease for her business. Rose and Paul arrive at her business site. Paul tries repairing the plumbing but causes a pipe to burst out water. After Rose chuckles at him, Paul then squirts Rose with the water pipe. Their laughing leads to a kiss. Rose and Paul agree to start over in their relationship.

After Will asks Alison if she started the fire, Alison tells him not to ever say that again. Alison says that if he mentions this to anyone, they won‘t hesitate to put her in jail. Dr. Michaels arrives and tells Will he has to leave for his therapy session. Will runs back to Alison and promise her not to tell. Alison hugs Will. In the corridor, Emily (who saw this scene) tells Alison that she knows she is up to something and suggests she stop her plan.

Craig arrives with Lucy and Rosanna at the newly decorated Fairwinds. Craig is surprised when Lucy says Aaron will shortly be coming over. After Lucy goes to get ready for Aaron, Craig tells Rosanna that if anyone rings the doorbell (meaning Aaron), don’t answer it. Aaron arrives with a house-warming gift. Rosanna tells Aaron how she and Lucy have had their differences in the past, but it is important to have a good relationship with her as of now. Rosanna asks Aaron to forgive her for what she did to him in the past. Aaron agrees and they shake hands. Craig walks in on Aaron and Rosanna shaking hands and gets annoyed. Rosanna shows Craig the gift which Aaron brought, it is a coffee grinder with coffee beans. Rosanna says she loves good coffee but Craig tosses Aaron’s gift in the fireplace. Lucy arrives and goes off with Aaron to show him the grounds of Fairwinds. Craig is irritated that Rosanna is taking Aaron’s side. Rosanna suggests Craig go easy on Aaron since Lucy is crazy about him. Craig tells Rosanna he wants Aaron out of Lucy’s life. Rosanna stands firm and says that Lucy is 17 years old and should see whom she wants. When Alison’s name comes up, Rosanna tells Craig not to trust her. Craig gets a call from Alison. Craig tells Alison to meet him near the gazebo (Emily stares at her and wonders what she is up to).

Aaron and Lucy arrive at the Fairwinds’ gazebo. Aaron tells Lucy how they were always able to tune into each other, until her accident. Aaron tells Lucy that many things have changed since her accident, like Alison. Aaron explains how she used to be a flake, but now Alison holds down two jobs with no pay and always offers to help him with a problem. Aaron also says how her dad (Craig) used to hate him. Lucy has a hard time believing this and says her dad is only trying to protect her. Alison arrives and eaves drops on Aaron telling Lucy how he made mistakes in their early relationship, like coming home late from a concert in Chicago. Lucy and Aaron kiss. After Lucy and Aaron leave, Alison meets up with Craig and tells him that just now Lucy and Aaron almost had sex again. Craig tells Alison he has a plan for her to follow, which will break up Lucy and Aaron for good. Back in the house, Aaron leaves and Rosanna thanks him for his gift. Alone with Rosanna, Lucy asks her to tell her how much her dad hated Aaron.

In Suite 707, Molly and Jack continue their passionate kiss; soon they begin taking each other’s clothes off. They make it to the bed, but Jack quickly stops himself from going any further with Molly. Jack says he is married and he can’t make love to Molly. Jack apologizes. In bed, they discuss how angry they are at Carly and Mike. Molly suggests to Jack that they put Carly and Mike out of their heads, so they order room service. Molly asks Jack to hold onto her in bed. Jack lies down and holds Molly. Molly and Jack agree that if they had drowned their sorrow with sex, it would not have helped their situation. Jack says he must leave. Mike arrives and sees Molly wearing a blanket over her underwear and Jack (sitting on the bed). Angry at this sight, Mike says he is sorry to have interrupted their revenge. Mike starts accusing Molly of being unfaithful and Jack tells him to quiet down. Molly leads Mike to believe that she and Jack had sex. Hurt, Mike leaves. Jack asks Molly why she led Mike to believe they had sex. Molly says she must take care of herself and will not get hurt again. Jack thanks Molly and tells her she is an incredible woman. Jack leaves.