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As the World Turns Friday 1/31/03

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In the hospital, Chris insists that Willís records prove that he did not start the fire. Bob (Chrisí dad) advises him to stay out of these records. As soon as the coast is clear, Alison grabs Willís records and begins reading them. Alison says she will make Will believe he started the fire and she will be in the clear. Outside Alison runs into Emily and Susan (her mom). Alison complains to her mom that Dr. Michaels wonít let her visit Will and she is upset. Susan says she will speak to Dr. Michaels about it. In private Emily asks Alison what she is up to. Alison says nothing, she just wants to be sure Will does not go to jail. Susan tells Alison that Dr. Michaels said she can see Will one more time. Thankful, Alison hugs Susan. Alone with Susan, Emily says she feels Alison may be up to something, but Susan insists Alison is just happy and they should all be. Alone with Will, Alison asks him if she told Dr. Michaels about the oily rags and how Aaron dropped them on the barn floor the day of the fire. Alison tells Will that he (Will) dropped the matches on the rags. Will says that is not what happened and asks her if she started the fire.

Lily meets Lucinda for lunch (they are also waiting for Rose). Lucinda explains she is against Roseís idea of opening a hair salon. Lily feels Rose should do what she wants. Lucinda will not subsidize Roseís salon adventure. Rose arrives and shows Lucinda her business plan; she has also found a location. Rose says she already called Mitzi to help her, as she is a whiz with hair. Rose advises Lily that when she gets done with her hair, Holden wonít recognize her. Lucinda offers to loan Rose the money. Rose says thank you, but she wants to do this on her own, since all her life she has been on her own. Rose says she wants before and after photos of both Lily and Lucinda in her salon. Lucinda explains she has used the same hair stylist for years. Rose says to Lucinda that she can tell she has used the same hairdresser since she came to Oakdale. Rose leaves to visit Paul. Lily sees Mike and sits with him. Mike explains what happened with him, Molly and Carly (who is pregnant). Mike mentions that many of his personal items are still at Mollyís house. Lily advises him to pick up his stuff a few items at a time, giving him a reason to see Molly often. Mike smiles.

In Washington, Jessica explains to Ben that since Marshall is still ill, she will stay on with him until he can travel. Ben says he came to apologize for his attitude and realizes that he is ready to forgive her. Jessica sarcastically thanks him and tells Ben if he is finished, to have a safe flight. Jessica tells Marshall that she isnít leaving him until he is ready to travel. Jessica explains to Marshall about the ritual of helping a person you care about mourn the person they have lost, like making tea and eating pie. Marshall asks Jessica that they go to bed instead. Jessica steps on Marshallís foot and says she wonít help him bury his feelings by going to bed with him. Marshall explains that Zaraís mother (Naya) was the most enticing woman he ever met, just like Jessica. Marshall says he wonít sit around the kitchen eating pie, so she can leave. Jessica then phones room service, ordering tea and apple pie. Marshall tells Jessica she is stubborn. Jessica says they both need to mourn Zara. Marshall explains that Naya left him because he did not want their child (Zara) and he kept this from Jessica, fearful she would think less of him. Jessica says he was young then and did not know better. Marshall shows Jessica his picture of Zara at about age three. Jessica says she looks just like him. Marshall cries. Deciding to talk to Jessica again, Ben walks back to her hotel door but is discouraged when he sees a ďdo not disturbĒ sign on the door and hears Jessica consoling Marshall. Marshall tells Jessica he has only told two women in his life that he loves them (she is one of them).

At the Lakeview bar, Jack flirts with a woman named Joan. Joan guesses from Jackís behavior that he is troubled over a woman. Joan asks Jack to go upstairs with him but Jack explains he is married. Joan says she is too. Frustrated when Jack begins lecturing her about cheating on your spouse, Joan tells Jack that he does not know her situation. Joan leaves. Jack runs into Mike. Mike mentions that Molly threw him out, Jack says he is glad she did.

Molly tearfully tells Mike that when they had sex, they always used protection, but with Carly he just let himself go free. Mike says he will always want her (Molly). Molly tells Mike that Jack kicked Carly out and feels he (Mike) will always be concerned about Carly. Molly says that Carly was the only girlfriend she ever had and Jake was the only person who loved her, then he died and she met him (Mike) but he walked out on her. Molly tells Mike that will not get another chance with her. Molly tells Mike to get out. After Mike leaves, Jack arrives. Molly says Mike was just there trying to apologize. Molly thanks Jack for being here with her. After enjoying junk food together, Molly mentions she has neck spasms so Jack starts to massage her neck. As Molly cries, her eyes meet Jacks and they gaze at each other. After Jack and Molly decide to burn pictures of Mike and Carly, Molly gets hysterical. Jack takes Molly in his arms and they start to kiss passionately.

Paul meets his mom (Barbara) at Java. Barbara asks Paul if Hal really had a private conference with Dr. Michaels about Will. Paul says it is true. Barbara (getting near hysterics) feels that in court, Dr. Michaels, Margo and everyone will testify against her and claim she is an unfit mother. Barbara feels this is a plot to take Will from her and tells Paul he must help her. Uncomfortably, Paul says he will do whatever is best for Will. Paul tells Barbara she needs to calm down. Barbara feels Dr. Michaels has turned against her and he (Paul) must help her. Paul says he is on Willís side. Upset, Barbara tells Paul that his father (James) was right about him. Barbara leaves angry. Paul meets Rose at the Lakeview bar for drinks. Paul kisses Roseís hand and tells her he loves her.