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As the World Turns Thursday 1/30/03

By Loretta


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Ben and Lien board a plane for Washington. Ben tries to phone Jessica and learns she is sharing a room with Marshall. Lien says it makes sense that Jessica is sharing a room, since Marshall is still ill. In their hotel room, Marshall wakes up and finds Jessica reading the newspaper. Jessica already has breakfast waiting for him. Jessica shaves Marshall’s face (Marshall humorously says he feels cheap). Marshall says that Jessica first refused to shave him, as she was afraid he would try something. Jessica tells him to shut up and she begins his shave. When Marshall’s shave is complete, he asks Jessica if she wants to help him shower. Jessica changes the subject and calls to see if Marshall’s suit is ready. Ben (holding Marshall’s suit) and Lien arrive. Jessica introduces Marshall (wearing a towel) to Lien. Lien explains to Marshall that his daughter is dead. Marshall gets angry and feels Lien and Ben are lying just to get back at him. Marshall says it must be a mistake and then he holds on to Jessica and cries. Lien and Ben leave. Lien hugs Jessica goodbye and wishes things had turned out differently. Alone with Jessica, Ben asks her if they can talk about getting back together when she returns to Oakdale. Jessica agrees. Jessica explains that she will return to Oakdale when Marshall is physically ready to travel.

Kim meets with her son Chris and tells him her concerns about Will and Barbara. Kim tells Chris that Barbara feels she is being cut out of Will’s life, so she asks Chris to try and find out a few things for her. Chris agrees.

At the hospital Alison sees Emily. Alison asks why she can’t see Will any more and that Hal practically kicked her out. Emily says that Will just probably met a critical point in his therapy and Dr. Michaels does not want any outside influences. Alison says she is afraid Will may feel abandoned by her. Emily tells her to speak to Hal. Emily leaves. Alison sees someone placing Will’s files on a cabinet, then she tries searching for it herself, but is unsuccessful. Chris arrives and asks for Will’s chart. John Dixon walks in and catches Chris looking at Will’s psychiatric files and tells him that he has no business reading his chart and it is unethical. Chris says that Will is his cousin and is concerned (Alison hears this). Bob comes walking in and catches John reprimanding Chris. John explains to Bob that Chris was late for his pediatric rounds but Bob doesn’t believe this. Chris explains that John caught him looking in Will’s files, because his mom (Kim) was worried about Will and he offered to try and find out something. Chris tells Bob his concerns that Will‘s fingers were burned when he came to emergency the night of the fire and that the police say the barn was first doused with gasoline but Will says he only lit matches, so the story does not match up. Chris feels Will did not start the fire.

At the station, Margo complains to Hal about Carly cheating on Jack and passing another man’s child off as Jack’s. They are surprised to see Jack wearing a suit, arriving with a variety of donuts. Jack says he is here to do his job and has lots of work to do. Hal suggests he takes some time off but Jack snaps and says for what. Jack tells Margo and Hal to back off. Magda arrives and tells Jack that the judge let her off and thanks him for his advice. Magda tells Jack she wants to start fresh and in doing so, she gives him the camera that she used to take photos of “that blonde designer at Monte Carlo” (Carly). Jack gets upset and calls Magda a nut. Margo takes Magda to another room. Jack, alone with Hal, talks to him about what Carly did, then tells Hal that he is not his “buddy.” Hal orders Jack to take two weeks off. Jack heads off to the Lakeview bar and flirts with some woman.

Sleeping Molly dreams of she and Mike making love, then she wakes up and thinks of Jake. Molly tells Jake she should not have let anyone else try to love her. Mike arrives and begs her to let him in. Molly lets him in but insists that nothing he says will make a difference. Mike asks Molly to come home. Molly says she wants him gone from her life and that every time she looks at him, she is reminded that he made love to her cousin. Molly brings up the time when Mike was angry with her for hiding the fact that she paid Memorial Hospital in order to obtain him a job. Mike states that he was angry and hurt that night and that is the only reason he slept with Carly. Mike says he will do whatever it takes for her to forgive him. Molly says that when she woke up earlier from her dream, she heard his knock on the door and wanted it so bad to be Jake. Molly tells Mike that she rushed too quickly into a relationship with him. On the verge of tears, Molly says that of all the people in the world to have sex with, why was it Carly. Mike tells Molly that he can’t think of anything but her and he wants to share his life with her. Mike asks Molly to give him another chance.