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As the World Turns Wednesday 1/29/03

By Loretta


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Alison joins Hal, Parker and Emily at Java. Alison becomes upset when she hears that Dr. Michaels asked to speak to Hal privately (without Barbara) about Will. Hal feels maybe Will remembered something about the fire, which concerns Alison, so she leaves. Emily feels that Barbara is the reason that Will started the fire. Hal kisses Emily goodbye and heads for Dr. Michael’s office. Alison arrives at the psychiatric unit to visit Will and immediately asks him if he remembered anything about the fire and told Dr. Michaels about it. Hal and Dr. Michaels arrive and ask Alison to leave, in order to speak in private. Dr. Michael’s informs Hal that Barbara complained to Will about her children abandoning her, which has caused Will to be angry and afraid to stand up for himself (Alison eavesdrops). Dr. Michael’s explains to Hal that Barbara must have a psychiatric evaluation, she also says that Alison spends lots of time here with Will, and after theses visits, Will tends to not say much. Later, Hal assures Will that after he is released, he will not have to go back to Fairwinds or some hotel with his mom. Outside the door, Alison bumps into Chris Hughes. After Alison says goodnight to Will, Hal tells her that as of now, only immediate family members can visit with Will. Now Alison feels that Will may remember the truth, so she sets out to read Will’s psychiatric files.

Barbara comes over to Paul and Rose’s table at the Lakeview, trying to be polite. Rose asks Barbara if she is drunk and tells her to get out of her sight. Barbara apologizes for upsetting Rose and leaves. After apologizing to Rose for having the parents he has, Paul explains that he must help his mother (Barbara) as his little brother Will is currently undergoing psychiatric care and he will not abandon him. Angry Paul leaves and says he must go take care of Will. Outside, Barbara tells Paul that Emily and Hal are trying to shut her out of Will’s life, Paul offers to help her. Paul does not believe his mom when she says she was only trying to be nice to Rose. As she leaves, Barbara tells Paul that Rose is a lousy influence on him. Back at their table, Rose tells Paul that as of this moment, they will start over. Paul smiles.

After learning that Carly had sex with Mike, an angry Molly bursts into Carly’s home, screaming to Carly about how she always defended her (Carly) after anyone spoke unkindly of her. Carly apologizes but says she had sex with Mike because she thought Jack was out of her life forever and she needed a friend, and it was only one drunken night. Carly insists that Mike loves her (Molly) and wants to spend his life with her. Molly says she is sick of Carly’s constant complaining and wrecking other people‘s lives. Carly tells Molly that her and Mike did not want to hurt her and Jack, that is why they kept this a secret. Molly feels Carly sincerely enjoyed keeping this “secret.” Carly insists that Molly should not give up on Mike. Molly says she could never go back to Mike, especially if Carly’s baby is his. Carly reminds Molly how Abigail forgave her affair with Chris (Abigail’s ex-boyfriend), so Molly should forgive her. Molly tells Carly she is selfish, greedy, and cruel and she does not love her any longer. Carly cries and begs for forgiveness but Molly leaves. Carly then phones Emily and informs her of what happened, Emily says she is still her friend. Carly arrives at Java and explains that she needs to get away, so she will fly to Cancun and take Parker with her. As Carly and Parker sit on the plane, Carly looks at her wedding ring and remembers Jack ordering her to get out of his house.

Mike continues to leave messages for Molly, but she does not answer. Frustrated Mike phones Carly and asks how it went. Carly informs him that Jack walked out.

Jack arrives at the police station in a fowl mood, brushing off his co-workers. Mike arrives and apologizes to Jack. Mike says it was one stupid night, it will not happen again and Jack should not blame Carly. Jack feels that Mike took advantage of Carly when she needed a friend. Mike reminds Jack that he (Jack) is not a saint either. Frustrated that Jack will not listen to him, Mike tells Jack that he opened the bottle of champagne that night with Carly before they had sex, then Jack punches him in the face. Mike still tells Jack to forgive Carly and reminds him that the baby may be his (Jack‘s). Mike leaves and finds Molly packing to leave. Mike tries to stop her, but she will not listen. Alone, Jack looks at Carly‘s picture, then heads for home, but finds the note Carly left him, explaining that she took Parker to Mexico with her.