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As the World Turns Tuesday 1/28/03

By Loretta


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Ben and Bob discover that Marshall has left his hospital room. Margo arrives and asks Ben if he wants to locate Marshall in order to keep him away from Jessica or if he is concerned that an ill patient left the hospital on his own (Marshall). Margo informs Ben that she told Marshall to ask Jessica not to go to Washington and Marshall did just that. Lien Hughes arrives and chats with Ben. Lien has come to Oakdale to tell Marshall about his daughter, but soon finds out that Marshall has left the hospital. Lien says that Marshall’s daughter is dead.

Marshall arrives on the plane and takes a seat next to Jessica. Jessica tells Marshall that unless he goes back to the hospital, she will stay behind. Marshall asks Jessica to come with him. Jessica tries to assure Marshall that Lien will handle things but Marshall is persistent and insists he will go, even if it kills him. Jessica decides to go with him but insists that she will call Dr. Hughes when they arrive. At their hotel, Jessica tells Marshall that she will sleep on the sofa (Marshall finds this amusing). Marshall says that he feels he will soon meet his daughter. Smiling, Marshall thanks Jessica.

At Java, Lucy thanks Aaron for treating her “normal,” instead of making her feel handicapped. Alison arrives and sees Lucy gazing at Aaron. Alison runs over to them and asks Aaron to go check the oil change she did herself and make sure that it is ok. Lucy convinces Aaron to do this, so he leaves for the garage. Alison stays with Lucy. Lucy tells Alison that she feels that Aaron does love her. Lucy tells Alison how Aaron says that she (Alison) is such a great friend and at times, she feels jealous. Soon Aaron returns and informs Alison that her oil change was a success. Aaron then takes off with Lucy.

Craig presents Rosanna with a large engagement ring. Rosanna says she will not marry him but Craig pleads with her. Craig gives her many reasons why they would be happy together. Craig insists Rosanna take his ring as he will not let her get away. Rosanna asks about Carly but Craig tells her that although Carly helped him during many hard times, such as Bryant’s death, he will not rescue her again. Rosanna begins to feel Craig is being sincere. Rosanna says that if she accepts his proposal, she expects complete faithfulness from him or she will hurt certain body parts of his. They kiss and Craig places the ring on Rosanna’s finger. When Lucy arrives home, she convinces Rosanna to have the wedding she has always dreamed of. Rosanna takes Lucy’s advice and hugs her. Smiling, Rosanna tells Craig that she thinks Lucy no longer hates her. Alison phones Craig and informs him that by the end of the week, Aaron will no longer be a part of Lucy’s life.

Jack walks in on Carly crying in Mike’s arms. Jack tells Mike that they have lots of catching up to do and asks him where he was the night before his wedding. Carly tries to change the subject but is unsuccessful. Mike explains he got very drunk. Jack tells him he knows that he slept with Carly. Carly interrupts and says it was just one night because he (Jack) had walked out on her. Jack orders Mike to get out of his house. Mike leaves. Jack asks Carly if the baby she is carrying is his. Carly says she is not sure, but feels it is. Angry, Jack wants to know why she kept this from him so long. Jack gets Carly to admit that Hal, Emily, Craig and Rosanna have known this secret. Jack tells Carly to leave his house now and he will get their marriage annulled. Carly reminds Jack that he promised to never leave her. Carly tries to tell Jack that when he walked out on her the night before their wedding, she turned to the first arms that reached out to her (which were Mike‘s) but when he (Jack) came back to her, she swore she would never let him get away. Jack (yelling) says that their marriage has been one big lie after another and she (Carly) does not love him. Carly reminds Jack about their spoken wedding vows and begs him not to leave her. Jack walks back in the door and reminds Carly of all that he has now lost because of this. Carly begs Jack to forgive her but Jack says he will no longer stay married to her. Placing his wedding ring on a table near their wedding photo, Jack walks out the door.

Mike arrives home and Molly happily informs him that she offered to buy Lucinda’s cottage. Molly shows Mike her fingers, to let him know that she is no longer wearing Jake’s wedding ring. Molly hugs Mike and tells him that she is very much in love with him. Mike says that there is something he needs to tell her. Mike tells Molly that Henry was blackmailing Carly and that he (Mike) gave her the $50,000 to keep Henry quiet. Molly asks why and begins to think. Mike informs Molly that Henry knew all the details of Carly‘s drunken one-night stand . Mike tells Molly that he slept with Carly that night. A shocked and angry Molly cannot believe this. Molly then remembers that Carly is pregnant and tells Mike that this is the reason he has been seeing Rosanna so much, to ask her to keep quiet about this. Molly gives Mike his ring back and walks out on him. Molly soon barges into Carly’s house. Molly tells her cousin (Carly) that whenever anyone said anything bad about her (Carly), she always stood up for her, but now, she cannot believe that Carly slept with Mike.