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As the World Turns Monday 1/27/03

By Loretta

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At Java Underground, Ben tells Isaac that he asked Jessica not to go to Washington and that he also caught her in an embrace with Marshall. Isaac tells him to either forgive or forget Jessica and listen to his heart (like Ben suggested to Isaac regarding Bonnie). Isaac advises Ben to go after Jessica. Ben thanks his brother for this advice.

Marshall insists to Jessica he will go himself to Washington and search for his daughter. Jessica reminds Marshall that he is in no condition to fly on a plane. Smiling, Marshall tells Jessica that he feels she still cares for him, that is why she is helping him with his daughter. Jessica tells Marshall that he is only her friend, and no more than that. Marshall tells Jessica that their “friendship” is wrecking her life and she does know what she wants. Jessica insists she will go to Washington and leaves. Marshall decides to go himself and leaves his hospital room. On the plane headed for Washington, Jessica soon finds Marshall sitting beside her. Ben arrives at Memorial looking for Jessica.

Emily tells Carly to beat Rosanna in telling Jack the truth. Emily tells her to find Jack, head for Cancun and tell him the truth. Carly agrees and heads to find Jack. Magda (the woman who was the security guard at the Monte Carlo the night Carly and Mike had sex) is brought in to the police station for passing bad checks. Jack is brought in to question her. Carly arrives at the station and tells Hal that she must speak with Jack. Carly asks Jack if they can leave for Cancun earlier. Jack agrees but says he must finish questioning Magda first. Before she leaves, Carly hugs Jack and tells him that she loves him. Hal looks suspiciously at Carly and asks her if everything is ok. Carly says yes and leaves. During her questioning, Magda tells Jack how she could have made money when she was working at Monte Carlo and caught it’s blonde designer (Carly) having sex with some construction worker the night before her wedding. Magda says she could have sold this story to The Intruder. Jack is in shock. Jack tells Hal that he just found out that Carly had sex with someone the night before their wedding and that he knows whom it is. Hal explains that he was with Craig on that day. Jack leaves to find Carly.

Craig calls Molly (thinking she is Carly) and tells her Rosanna knows everything. Molly asks Craig what he means, but Craig simply tells her to let Carly know he called. Molly wonders what kind of game Craig is playing. Emily arrives at Carly’s to pick up Parker and take him to her house, but Molly says that Parker is sleeping and that she will drop him off later. Molly tells Emily that Craig called and said something about Rosanna knowing everything. Molly asks Emily if she knows anything about this. Emily says no. Later Lucinda arrives. Molly asks Lucinda if she would sell the cottage to her. Lucinda agrees to consider it.

Rosanna meets with Mike at Java. Mike informs Rosanna that he is not the father of Carly’s baby. Rosanna tells Mike that Carly is in her 2nd trimester, which is 12 weeks. Rosanna congratulates Mike on becoming a father. When Rosanna tells Mike that she will tell Molly, Mike pleads with her not to and says that he will tell Molly the truth. Crying, Rosanna tells Mike this is exactly what he deserves, since he broke her heart years ago. Mike leaves.

Rosanna arrives at Craig’s upset and asks him why he protected Carly. Craig explains he was afraid as he was beginning to have serious feelings about her. Rosanna tells Craig that he does not love her, but Carly. Craig insists he does not and loves her (Rosanna) and did not think this lie would matter in their relationship. Craig tells Rosanna how Carly pleaded with him to not tell her (Rosanna) the truth, but Craig explains that he could not lie any longer for her sake. Rosanna does not believe him. Craig insists he still wants to marry her and asks her forgiveness. Craig says that they can invite all their enemies to their wedding, then assures her their married life will never be boring. Craig then presents Rosanna with an engagement ring. Rosanna smiles.

Mike arrives at Carly’s house and informs her that Rosanna told him that she (Carly) is carrying his child. Carly tells Mike she is but Jack will be the baby’s daddy. Mike says he must be a part of his child’s life and he suggests Carly take a DNA test. Carly says she will not and that she and Jack will raise the baby. Mike feels that Molly will eventually forgive him and that if Carly does not tell Jack the truth, he will. Carly says she plans to tell Jack when they arrive in Cancun. Carly apologizes to Mike for trying to hide this from him. As Carly is crying in Mike’s arms, Jack arrives and walks in on them.