ATWT Update Friday 1/24/03


As the World Turns Friday 1/24/03

By Loretta 

In his hospital room, Marshall gets dressed so he can go to Washington to locate his daughter. Marshall tries to get up, but soon he weakens and gets back in bed. Bob and John pay Marshall a visit and ask him how he is feeling. John notices that Marshall is sweating and has his blankets pulled up to his neck. John pulls the blankets off him and discovers Marshall fully dressed to leave. John and Bob advise Marshall he is in no condition to go traveling. Marshall tells them his daughter may have been located in Brazil. John reminds Marshall that Jessica is going for him on his behalf. Then, Jessica arrives and wonders why Marshall is dressed to leave. John tells Jessica that Marshall intends to go to Washington. Jessica reminds Marshall that they agreed she would go to Washington. Marshall says he cannot let her do this, as he is the reason she is not with Ben.

Emily suggests to Hal that he speaks to Dr. Michaels about Will, but Hal states Will’s therapy sessions should be confidential. Hal brings up Jack’s situation again, and Emily still feels Hal should stay out of it. Hal wants to tell Jack the truth. Hal leaves for the police station to tell Jack the truth about the baby. Carly soon arrives. Emily tells Carly that Hal knows about everything except that Mike is the father. Carly says this is getting more complicated by the hour as now “everyone” knows. Carly says that if Jack finds out the truth, he will leave her and Molly will hate her. Carly asks Emily to come with her to Cancun for support, but Emily says she can’t. Emily and Carly arrive at her doctor’s appointment. Carly’s doctor mentions that she told Rosanna that Carly is in her 2nd trimester. Carly now realizes that Rosanna knows the truth. Hal arrives at the police station and tells Jack that he needs to talk to him about Carly and the baby. Hal tries to tell Jack the truth but he stops when Jack starts talking about all that he has been through lately and now he is so happy that Carly is expecting their child.

After a long kiss, Rosanna leaves to go to her check-up with her doctor. Craig tells Rosanna she needs to leave now because he is expecting someone regarding a surprise for her. Rosanna leaves. Katie is there (she was hiding in another room) to help Craig pick out an engagement ring for Rosanna. The jeweler arrives. Katie tells Craig there is still time to change his mind about marrying Rosanna but Craig says he will not. Katie and Craig decide on engagement rings for Rosanna. Craig soon selects one and the jeweler leaves. Katie tells Craig that if Rosanna doesn’t like the ring he picked out, he should dump her. Katie mentions Carly’s problems. Craig asks her what she meant, but Katie says “nothing.” Katie suggests Craig should make it a special event when he presents Rosanna with her ring. Done with her exam, Rosanna’s doctor mentions that her sister Carly is entering her 2nd trimester, which makes Rosanna, recall Craig and Carly telling her she is pregnant. Soon Rosanna bursts in Craig’s door angry. Katie leaves. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly is carrying his child. Craig tells Rosanna that he did not sleep with Carly and he had to lie to rescue Carly. Rosanna accuses Craig of going from her to Carly. Rosanna tries to leave but Craig says she won’t until he tells her the truth. Craig tells Rosanna that Mike is the father. Rosanna tells Craig she feels like a big fool. Craig goes to hug her, but Rosanna leaves.

Mike asks Molly if she has spoken to Rosanna yet about selling her apartment. Molly tells Mike she intends to let the apartment go and remain at his house. Rosanna phones Mike and tells him she wants to meet him at Java now. Molly gets on the phone and tells Rosanna that she does not want to buy back her apartment as her and Mike are happy living at the lake. Craig phones Molly (thinking it is Carly) and tells her that Rosanna knows everything. Arriving at Java, Rosanna tells Mike that she knows that he got Carly pregnant.

Carly suggests she and Jack take an earlier flight to Cancun, like the next flight out. Jack agrees. Molly suggests that she will accompany her to the doctor appointment, but Carly snaps at her and says she is a big girl and doesn’t need Molly hovering over her. Carly asks Molly to stay and look after Parker. Molly agrees and tells Parker she will give him cookies and milk. Molly walks Carly to her car and asks if she is ok. Carly says she is fine but afraid their honeymoon will be cancelled. Jack asks Mike if he thinks Carly is ok. Mike says he feels she is. Jack leaves for the police station. Mike tells Molly that he has never seen a happier expectant father than Jack.

Jessica arrives at Java Underground and tells Bonnie that she is going to Washington to represent Marshall to search for his daughter. Bonnie wants to know why Jessica ran off from Ben the previous day. Jessica says she is tired of Ben falsely accusing her of things. Jessica insists that her connection to Marshall is not romantic. Bonnie tells Jessica (her mom) that she is sorry for being a brat, and then says that she (Jessica) is her role model and always will be.

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