ATWT Update Thursday 1/23/03


As the World Turns Thursday 1/23/03

By Loretta

Jessica tells Marshall she will go to Washington on his behalf, as Zara needs to know her father. Marshall thanks and hugs her (Ben sees them). Jessica leaves, as Ben needs to speak to Marshall. Ben asks Marshall what is going on between him and Jessica. Marshall tells Ben that Jessica gave him a friendly hug before as she is helping him locate his daughter. Marshall explains that Jessica offered to go to Washington for him to help in this search. Ben tells Marshall he wants Jessica to stay away from him. Margo arrives to visit Marshall, who thanks her for helping him locate Zara. Margo asks Marshall to not let Jessica go to Washington as it is pulling her away from Ben. Marshall says he cares for Jessica deeply. Margo tells Marshall that Jessica wants to be with Ben. Margo suggests Marshall let Jessica go.

Aaron arrives at Lucy’s. Aaron hugs Lucy. Lucy tells Aaron that Rosanna is going to move into Fairwinds with them. When Aaron explains that Rosanna should not be trusted, Lucy says her and Rosanna agreed to start over. Lucy tells Aaron that when he is near her, she gets good feelings that she will eventually get her memory back. Aaron suggests they take a spin around the hotel and wheels Lucy at a fast speed. Lucy suddenly remembers Aaron’s motorcycle and tells him he helps her remember. They kiss. Lucy says Aaron made her feel alive today.

Craig meets with Alison at Java to ask for her help. Craig tells Alison that he knows they share a mutual interest in Lucy and Aaron. Craig asks Alison if she wants Aaron for herself or is their something she is hiding from Lucy. Alison thinks back to her argument with Lucy. Alison tells Craig she has a crush on Aaron. Craig tells Alison that she and Aaron make a great pair. Alison says they need a business plan to keep Aaron and Lucy apart. Alison suggests they make Lucy think that Aaron caused her accident. Craig tells her he doubts she could pull that off. Alison says just leave it to her.

Carly phones Emily and tells her Hal seems suspicious of her. Carly thinks he heard her conversation with Molly. Hal arrives home and tells Emily that Carly is having a baby. Hal also asks if Carly’s baby is Jack’s or someone else’s. Emily insists Carly’s baby is Jack’s. Hal says he heard Carly and Molly talking about the baby’s due date not being right and that Jack, Craig and Rosanna Cabot’s name popped up. Hal says he does not want Jack being made a fool of. Hal keeps after Emily to tell him the truth. Emily says the baby is probably Jack’s and then she explains about Carly’s affair with Mike the night before her wedding. Hal asks how Carly could do that to Jack. Emily takes Carly’s place and says that she was devastated when Jack broke up with her. Hal asks Emily who the father is. Emily says the father may be Craig’s, but Hal tells her it can’t be him because he was in St. Louis with Craig during that time. Emily tells Hal she is not sure who the father is. Hal says he believes her and apologizes for “interrogating” her. Hal wants to phone Jack about this. Emily tells Hal to keep out of it. Hal suggests to Emily that she speak to Carly about telling Jack the truth.

Jack arrives home with a present for Parker so he won’t feel left out with the new baby coming. Parker comes down to get his gift. Carly tells Parker that soon he will have a new baby brother or sister. Parker thinks she means JJ. Jack explains that JJ had to go back home with his real parents and they were just taking care of him for a while. Carly tells Parker the baby is inside her tummy, just where he was at one time. Parker asks Carly (in front of Jack) who the daddy is. Jack picks up Parker and tells him that he is the baby’s daddy. Parker goes up to his room to play. Carly starts to giggle. Jack can’t figure out what she is laughing about. Carly explains it was so funny when Parker asked her who the daddy is. Emily phones and tells Carly that Hal now knows the truth.

Jessica arrives at Java Underground and tells Bonnie and Isaac that Marshall apologized to Ben. Bonnie asks Jessica what happened between her and Ben. Jessica feels she will never get Ben back because he saw her hugging Marshall earlier but it was just a friendly hug. Bonnie tells Jessica to stop helping Marshall find his daughter. Soon Ben arrives. Jessica tells him she has nothing to apologize for, like helping Marshall find his daughter. Jessica tells Ben that sometimes being away from him is like a vacation, since he accuses her so much. Jessica asks Ben if he still wants her and asks him what he wants from her. Ben asks Jessica to not go to Washington to represent her ex-lover (Marshall). Jessica states she will go to Washington as she made a promise to Marshall. Jessica leaves. Ben tells Isaac and Bonnie that he thinks Jessica has walked out of his life forever.

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