ATWT Update Wednesday 1/22/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 1/22/03

By Loretta

Molly arrives at Carly’s with gifts for her and the baby. Molly says it is a peace offering and she will trust her from now on. Molly says she was judgmental and mean and there is nothing she (Carly) cannot tell her. Molly explains that seeing her (Carly) with Mike sometimes makes her feel they still have an attraction for each other and she gets scared. Carly insists that she loves Jack. After Molly and Carly hug, Hal arrives with Parker. Hal goes up with Parker to his room to check out his toys. Molly comes across Carly’s ultra sound photo and says her fetus is 12 weeks not eight weeks and Rosanna may be unhappy when she hears this news (on his way downstairs, Hal hears this). Molly leaves. When Hal sees a pregnancy book, Carly uncomfortably mentions to Hal that she and Jack are expecting a baby. Hal tells Carly how terrible it was for Jack to find out that JJ was not his and he was lied to (Carly is nervous that Hal knows the truth).

Burke asks Aaron where his assistant is. Aaron says Alison is late. Holden arrives and Aaron explains about not trusting Alison. After Alison arrives at work forty minutes late, Aaron teaches her how to change the oil on a car. Later, Alison accidentally removes the transmission fluid instead of the oil. When Burke gets angry at Alison for this error, Aaron comes to her rescue. Aaron finds a letter from Lucy that Alison was keeping from him. After reading it, Aaron happily goes to see Lucy. Craig phones Alison to tell her that he may need her help.

Margo informs Jessica that she thinks that Zara, Marshall’s daughter has been located. Jessica says that Lien is still working in immigration and hopes she can help. Margo tells Jessica that she is getting too involved with Marshall again and she had better decide whom she really wants to be with.

In the hospital, Marshall starts having violent hallucinations. Ben hesitates to help Marshall, but after Oliver pleads with him, Ben helps walk Marshall thru his hallucination until medication has calmed him. Ben explains to Oliver that it is common for people with brain trauma to have hallucinations. Oliver thanks Ben and apologizes for questioning his physician abilities. Bob asks Ben what he was doing in Marshall’s room. Ben explains he treated Marshall at the request of his father and there was no time to find another doctor. Marshall wakes up and Oliver tells him he just had a hallucination and Ben helped him a great deal and stayed with him until the medication took effect. Oliver advises Marshall that he should drop pursuing action against Ben. Oliver informs Ben that Marshall wants to see him. Marshall apologizes to Ben (Bob is also there). Oliver tells Marshall he has to go back to Atlanta for a few days to work on a case. Oliver tells Marshall that he hopes he gets everything he wants, Marshall hugs him. Oliver says goodbye to Jessica. Jessica tells Marshall that Zara may have been found (Marshall cries). Jessica explains that Margo is contacting Lien (Tom’s daughter) about it. Marshall asks Jessica not to tell anyone that he broke down when hearing this news. Jessica tells Marshall she will go to Washington to help in the search for his daughter. Ben sees Marshall hugging Jessica.

At Java, Craig sits with Alison. Alison asks him what he thought of Aaron’s letters to Lucy? Craig hands Alison a letter from Lucy to give to Aaron and says that he will handle Aaron himself. On his way out, Craig advises Alison to try decaffeinated coffee. Later that day, Craig meets Alison back at Java to ask for her help with Aaron.

Rosanna arrives at Craig’s and sees Lucy. Lucy welcomes her in (she cannot remember her quite fully). Lucy tells Rosanna she hopes she is doing okay after her surgery. Lucy tells Rosanna that she feels her dad wants to marry her. When Rosanna asks Lucy how she feels about this, Lucy says she is fine with it. As Rosanna hugs her, Lucy remembers her fight with Rosanna and asks her what it was about. Rosanna said they had a problem when Craig went out of town and put Lucy in her care. Lucy tells Rosanna she is willing to try again to be friends with her. Craig arrives and is informed by Lucy about his upcoming marriage to Rosanna. Craig hands Lucy a letter from Aaron, which is opened. Craig says he opened it to be sure there was nothing in it that would upset her. Lucy says she wants to see Aaron. Rosanna says she agrees with Lucy, if Aaron makes her feel better and confident, she should see him, and she has proven that she can set her own boundaries if she is uncomfortable and can be trusted. A happy Lucy asks Rosanna if she is moving into Fairwinds with them, Rosanna says she would love to move in sooner. Lucy calls Aaron and asks him to come over. Rosanna tells Craig he must let Lucy grow up and that Aaron is the reason she wants to get better. Craig tells Rosanna he is marrying her because she is so smart. Rosanna helps Lucy with her makeup (Aaron is coming over). Lucy tells Rosanna she is glad she is back in her father’s life again - and hers.

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