ATWT Update Tuesday 1/21/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 1/21/03

By Loretta

As Aaron writes Lucy another letter, Jack arrives and sits with him. Jack explains his car will not start, so Aaron (and Alison, newly arrived) offer to look at it. Jack tells Aaron that Alison is obsessed with him and not to trust her. After Aaron repairs Jack’s car, he learns that Carly is in the emergency room. Jack leaves. Aaron asks Alison if she really gave his letters to Lucy since he received no messages from her. Alison tells him she did and suggests Lucy may not be interested in him. Aaron catches Alison reading his current letter to Lucy. Alison insists the letter fell on the floor (Aaron doesn’t believe her). When Aaron says he will phone Lucy, Alison discourages him. As Aaron heads out the door Alison asks him if maybe they can go out to a movie together but he says that any free time has will be devoted to Lucy. Aaron hands Alison an article about carburetors. When Craig arrives, Alison sees him and hands him Aaron’s letters to Lucy.

Henry arrives at Simon and Katie’s house. Simon asks him why Mike threw punches at him the night before. Henry says Jack overreacted. In order for Henry to confess, Simon grabs Henry’s cashmere jacket and he pours a bottle of alcohol inside of it. Henry finally tells them he was paid $50,000 from Carly to keep quiet about something and Rosanna has nothing to do with it. Simon asks what Mike has to do with it, but Henry won’t say. Katie tells Henry she forgot to make dinner so he can leave. Annoyed, Henry leaves. Katie and Simon try to figure out why Carly paid Henry and what Mike has to do with it. Simon and Katie figure out that Henry blackmailed Carly, as he knew that she cheated with Mike. Simon wants to tell Jack about this, but Katie says he must not find out since it will only hurt Jack. Katie says they can think of something to tell Jack.

Craig and Carly arrive at the hospital. Susan is there and takes Carly in for an exam. Mike phones Jack to let him know. Emily arrives and nervously asks Craig about Carly, Jack and Mike. After examining her, Susan advises Carly that everything looks fine, but orders a sonogram as a precaution. In a hospital bed, Carly cries and tells Emily she can’t lie any longer to Jack. Emily advises Carly that Jack must not find out. Carly says she will tell Jack the truth. Jack arrives and Carly tells everyone in the room (except Jack) to leave. Carly asks Jack to hold her and tells him she does not want to lose him. Jack tells Carly he will never leave her no matter what she does. Attempting to tell Jack the truth, Carly brings up the big fight they had before their wedding. When Carly mentions that Craig was visiting her when her pains started, Jack gets upset as he feels Craig said something to upset her. Jack approaches Craig about this and warns him to stay away from Carly. Susan tells Carly she feels she is so upset as she does not want Jack to know the baby’s due date. Carly says she is correct. Craig approaches Mike to tell him he owes him big time. Carly, ready to go home, thanks Mike for calling Jack. Back home, Carly tells Jack that the baby is due in July. Jack retrieves Carly’s ultra sound picture from her coat pocket. Simon and Katie arrive. As Katie hugs Carly, she whispers and says that her secret is safe with her.

Molly visits with Holden who informs her all about little Natalie. Molly asks Holden if he wonders what Abigail was like at Natalie’s age. Holden asks Molly what is bothering her. Molly explains that ever since she saw little JJ, she has thought of children but she can’t rush into marriage yet, as she still misses Jake very much. Molly expresses her concern that Abigail left for California just after her and Mike got together. Holden feels this is not so. Molly explains she passed judgment on Carly and needs to be there for her. Mike arrives home and finds Molly preparing a gift for Carly. Molly explains that she should not have nagged Carly about telling Jack the truth about her affair and from now on, she will stick by her no matter what. Mike tells Molly about Carly’s trip to the emergency room.

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