ATWT Update Monday 1/20/03


As the World Turns Monday 1/20/03

By Loretta

At the airport, Rose tells Paul she doesn’t feel right keeping his ring. Paul says they still love each other, Rose agrees. Paul places the ring back on Rose’s finger. Lucinda, Lily, Holden and the kids arrive to welcome Rose. Lily introduces Rose to her new niece Natalie. After some convincing Paul agrees to come home with Rose to Lily and Holden’s house. Lucinda asks Rose when she is coming back to Walsh Enterprises as Vice President, but Rose explains she has decided to do something different and open up a beauty salon (Paul mentions that Lucinda is speechless). Inside the house, Paul tells Lily he is not sure about his future with Rose. Outside, Rose tells Holden that Paul still makes her heart flutter, but they have drifted apart. Alone with Rose, Paul tells her he will help her with anything regarding her new business. Rose tells Paul she never took his ring off while she was away, but now she doesn’t feel right wearing it as they don’t know where they stand. Rose and Paul ask Lily to hold her ring for them. Lily agrees.

Rosanna kisses Craig’s picture as she prepares to be discharged from the hospital. Emma arrives. Rosanna tells Emma she is not keeping Molly’s apartment since she is marrying Craig. Emma asks her if she is making the right decision. Rosanna says this is her one chance at happiness. Emma, skeptical of Craig, asks if she will have a pre-nuptial agreement. Rosanna says she will not as she has faith in Craig. Mike arrives next and Rosanna gives him the keys back to Molly’s apartment, explaining she is marrying Craig. Rosanna explains that she realized how much Craig meant to her when he (Craig) told her the truth about his affair with Carly. Rosanna tells Mike how Carly visited her to tell her she is pregnant and wants her to be a part of her children’s lives. Rosanna tells Mike she will be the best aunt anyone ever had. Mike kisses Rosanna goodbye and wishes her good luck.

Carly insists to Craig the baby she is carrying is Jack’s. Craig doesn’t believe her and says this lie is too big to contain. Craig tells Carly his relationship with Rosanna is at stake due to this lie, and he will not risk losing Rosanna, so he intends to tell her the truth. Carly tells Craig that she did not ask him to lie for her and feels he must keep quiet. Craig tells Carly he will never rescue her again and needs nothing in return from her. Carly tells Craig that he is not himself and Rosanna squeezed all the life out of him. Craig leaves, saying he will tell Rosanna and hopes she forgives him. Carly tells Craig that he will destroy everyone she loves, especially Jack. As Carly screams for Craig not to do it, she is hit with a sharp abdominal pain. Craig comes to help and drives Carly to emergency.

At the police station, Jack questions Mike and Henry about what their fight was actually about. Henry tells Jack that he should ask Mike. Mike explains how Henry broke into Molly’s apartment a few months ago and took her cancelled check. Henry insists he did not take anything, but says he will tell Jack “everything.” Mike interrupts Henry to say that Molly, at the time did not press charges against Henry and she still feels this way. Henry is given the ok to leave. Jack tells Mike he wants to help him, as they are practically family. As Henry leaves, Mike grabs him and warns him to not tell anyone the truth, or else.

Jack arrives at Katy and Simon’s to question if they know their employee Henry Coleman, was involved in any shady business. Not thinking, Katie blurts out to Jack that Henry was blackmailing someone. Realizing what she said, Katie says she forgot whom Henry was blackmailing. Simon then phones Henry to come over to discuss business. Jack doesn’t believe Katie and leaves. Simon tells Katie to tell him whom Henry was blackmailing. Katie finally tells Simon this person was Carly, who wanted to get Henry off her back. Katie reminds Simon that Jack must never know this.

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