ATWT Update Friday 1/17/03


As the World Turns Friday 1/17/03

By Loretta

In the hospital, Alison sits with Will and tells him she has a date. Will asks her who the poor slob is? Laughing, Alison tells Will she has a secret. Walking in on this, Barbara angrily asks Alison what kind of secret she has. Barbara grabs Alison and calls her disgusting. Alison tells Barbara that she belongs in the psycho ward. Hal hears the commotion and Dr. Michaels reminds Barbara to get herself under control. Barbara tells Hal that Alison told Will how to behave in therapy and she (Barbara) was only protecting Will. Hal reminds her to not yell at anyone in front of Will. While Will goes to his group therapy, Dr. Michaels tells Hal and Barbara she needs details about the fire as she feels Will is hiding something. Barbara accuses Dr. Michaels of calling Will a liar. Dr. Michaels says Will is refusing to take responsibility for starting the fire. Hal reminds Barbara that if Will is found guilty of arson, he will be placed in some juvenile facility for long time. Barbara starts yelling at Hal, saying that he needs to be a father to Will, not a cop. Angrily, Barbara tells Hal that she respected him when he believed Will was innocent.

Alison leaves Will’s room and meets up with Aaron for lunch. Aaron cancels their lunch as he has a job interview. Arriving at the auto repair shop, Aaron hands Mr. Burke (the interviewer) his resume, which is impressive. Apparently Mr. Burke says that Simon Frasier had worked there before, assisted by his wife Katy, who kept the place clean. This gives Alison an idea (she fantasizes that she is an auto repair whiz helping Aaron. When she takes her work coveralls off, she is wearing a feminine dress, flips her hair back, and Aaron stares at her with his mouth open, telling her she is amazing. Aaron says he forgot about Lucy and he knows Alison started the fire only to help him, like everything she does. Aaron tells her he loves her and they kiss). Alison comes back to reality and tells Mr. Burke (who hesitates to hire Aaron) that she can work with Aaron and he will get two for the price of one. Aaron is hired as well as Alison (his assistant). Aaron is annoyed that Alison did this, but Alison reminds him that he owes her, plus she will enjoy learning about cars and she needs a job anyway. Alison says they will have so much fun. Aaron asks Alison to take another letter to Lucy that he wrote. Alison tells him he is pushing Lucy too hard with another letter and it will make him look like a loser, but she agrees to bring it.

Craig brings Lucy home, and introduces her to her new physical therapist, Gloria. Lucy does not want to begin physical therapy on her first day back. Lucy is upset as the hotel employees stared at her in her wheel chair upon her arrival home. Craig has to do “some work” and leaves. Lucy reads Aaron’s letter which tells her its ok to forget him, but don’t forget who Lucy Montgomery is. The letter also includes specific moments about her childhood, like seeing a comet in the sky and getting her first pony. Afterwards, Lucy reaches out for Aaron’s hand but he is not there. This gives Lucy some inspiration and she decides to start her exercises. Alison arrives but does not give Lucy the letter from Aaron. Lucy asks Alison if Aaron had any messages for her, but Alison says there are none. Alison mentions that Aaron got a job as a mechanic. Lucy writes a letter to Aaron and asks Alison to bring it to him. Alison agrees. After this brief chat, Alison leaves (with no intention of giving Lucy’s letter to Aaron).

Mike comes back home to pick up some construction plans. Molly tells him he seemed stressed the night before. Mike runs back out. Molly phones Jack and tells him she won’t tell anyone about Carly’s pregnancy and later asks him if he knows why Mike was upset. Jack says he almost beat up Henry Coleman the night before. Jack comes by Molly’s, who tells him about Henry breaking into her apartment to steal that check she wrote to the hospital for Rosanna. Jack says that Mike’s “thing with Henry” seemed recent and Mike said Henry ruined his life. Jack tells Molly she is blowing things out of proportion with Mike and Henry. Molly agrees to calm down. Jack tells Molly that maybe Carly is further along with the pregnancy than he thought, Molly says to keep her posted. Jack leaves and phones Mike to meet him at the police station. Henry and Mike arrive at the station. Neither of them knows why they were asked to come there.

Paul meets Rose (dressed in her red fur coat) at the airport. Paul hugs her. Paul tells her he was not going to come at all but had to see her. Paul asks her why she is still wearing his ring. Rose says because he said he would always belong to her. Paul doesn’t buy this so Rose insists she love him. Rose tells Paul she stayed away for months by herself because the last couple of years she had to much to deal with, like finding out she was adopted, her dad almost gets killed in a foreign country, inheriting a diamond. Paul is angry as she never wrote or phoned him so he feels he wasn’t important to her. Rose says she knew about the murder trial, but Paul did not even call her. Paul says he never stopped wanting her, and still loves her but she disappeared from his life. They say angry words to each other and Rose asks Paul what he wants her to do with his ring.

Jack tells Carly that Molly is worried about Mike. Jack tells Carly that he had to pull Mike off Henry Coleman the night before when he was out for drinks. Carly realizes the fight may have been about Henry knowing about her pregnancy. Later, Craig arrives and tells Carly about Lucy being home at Fairwinds (Carly asks if Craig is trying to scare Lucy out of her wheelchair by making her live there). Craig says Rosanna gave him Monte Carlo back and tells Carly that Rosanna was in a great mood after Carly‘s visit. Craig says he asked Rosanna to marry him and she said yes. Craig tells Carly soon they will be in-laws. Carly says she can’t come back to Monte Carlo because she is pregnant, and that Molly, Rosanna and Jack know. Craig says she (Carly) told Rosanna that she is pregnant so she will not ask questions. Craig asks if the baby is Jack or Mike’s.

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