ATWT Update Thursday 1/16/03


As the World Turns Thursday 1/16/03

By Loretta

Lily asks Paul over to inform him that Rose is returning the next day. Paul does not give Lily the happy response she was looking for with this news, but still asks him to accompany her when she picks Rose up at the airport. Upset, Paul says that all these months, Rose has never returned his phone calls, and he needed her during his trial and he was all alone. Paul insists that Rose no longer loves him. Lily says this is not true and asks him to reconsider meeting Rose upon her arrival. Paul leaves unhappily and says to himself that it will be better this way.

While Carly views brochures on Cancun, Mike phones her with the news that Molly knows something. Jack asks Carly why she did not tell Molly about the baby yet. Carly says she wants to wait for the right time and wants to keep it quiet for a while.

Rosanna withdraws her marriage proposal to Craig, who is a little stunned by this. Rosanna explains she got ahead of herself, but is crazy about him and compares being with him to a roller coaster ride that she never wants to get off. After a kiss, Rosanna says they need to discuss Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells Craig that she forgives him for having sex with Carly and says she pulled the plug on Monte Carlo to seek revenge on her (Carly). Rosanna says that this Carly mess brought her closer to him (Craig) but she does not want to force him to marry her. Rosanna gives Craig Monte Carlo back. Craig asks her what is the fine print with this deal. Rosanna says the only fine print is that they spend more time together. Craig tells Rosanna that he has never known this kind of forgiveness and generosity before. They kiss. Rosanna promises Craig not to propose to him again and gives him Monte Carlo. Craig tells Rosanna he would like to give her everything she desires with nothing in return, adding that she means more to him than any woman he has ever known. Craig tells Rosanna he planed on turning down her marriage proposal due to tradition. Craig then gets down on his knees and asks Rosanna to become his wife. Rosanna accepts. They kiss.

Katie and Simon have drinks at Java Underground. Katie tells him that she had Tom look into helping him with those charges against him in Australia. After Katie mentions the two of them visiting Australia, Simon mentions that he does not care if he ever sets foot in that country again. Tom and Margo arrive. Tom explains he had no luck in helping Simon out with those charges, as Australia was not impressed with his arguments, but suggests Simon should become an American citizen. Margo suggests Simon attends classes to obtain citizenship, then Tom can represent him legally. After Tom and Margo leave, Katie enthusiastically offers to tutor Simon. Simon does not seem thrilled with this idea of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Mike suggests to Molly that they take a vacation to Monterey. Molly likes this idea and tells Mike he should write a book on how to be the perfect boyfriend. After they kiss, Carly comes over to talk to Molly, so Mike leaves. Carly tells Molly her and Jack are expecting and Jack is so happy. Molly isn’t too thrilled, tells Carly she is crazy and asks her what if Craig is the father. Carly says that Jack is the father. Molly doesn’t believe her and says she was so ill during Thanksgiving, that the dates and times don’t make sense. Carly is now annoyed at Molly, who says she knew she was pregnant cause she was so moody. Carly blames Julia for her moodiness. Molly says she is happy for her but asks Carly to look her straight in the face and say that Jack is the father. Carly says she is too old for this truth or dare that Molly is playing. Molly hugs her. Carly says she was chicken to tell her until now and hates lying. Carly tells her she used protection but knows it is not 100% guaranteed. Molly asks her how she can live with Jack knowing the baby is not his, and suggests she be honest. When Molly brings up Rosanna, Carly tells her she already told Rosanna about her pregnancy and asked her to be the child’s full time aunt. Molly says this news makes her want to gag. Carly tells Molly that Craig wants to marry Rosanna, so this will keep her off her back that Mike is the baby’s father (Carly accidentally lets this slip out). Molly asks her why she said this. Carly says she wasn’t thinking as she as been under so much stress. Molly apologizes for thinking she believed this remark (about Mike). Molly tells Carly that she can never pull this “lie” off, but Carly assures her she plans to keep everything under control.

At Java Underground, Mike sees Henry Coleman chatting with a squeaky voiced girl who asks him for the money he owes her. Mike gives Henry a dirty look, which makes Henry want to leave. Walking up to Henry, Mike tells him he wants to rearrange his face. Grabbing Henry by the neck, Mike tells him to never mess with Molly again, just then Jack arrives and pulls Mike off of Henry. As Henry rushes out the door, Mike explains to Jack that he had some unfinished business with Henry.

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