ATWT Update Wednesday 1/15/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 1/15/03

By Loretta

Bob informs Marshall in his hospital room, that he reassigned his care to Dr. Ramirez. As Marshall begins criticizing Benís surgical skills and that Ben had reasons to kill him, Bob says he can vouch for Benís medical ethics. Jessica arrives and tells Marshall that she just spoke with the Child Welfare Agency in Tarasima, Brazil, regarding his daughter. Marshall says he already tried that and it did no good. Marshall says he would have gone himself to Brazil if Ben didnít try to kill him. Jessica reminds him that Ben did not hurt him on purpose. Jessica then turns their conversation to their past relationship, saying that besides their good sex, she remembers him (Marshall) telling her that he loved her and she knew he meant it. Marshall says he still does. Jessica says she had feelings for him too and does not regret what they shared, but they cannot be together. Jessica says she does care for him. Marshall suggests they start over but Jessica says she is not in love with him, and her feelings for Ben are of a lasting nature. Marshall tells Jessica she is making a mistake as Ben is not who she thinks he is. Marshall calls Ben a coward and an assassin. Marshall says he wants justice and Ben to be punished.

Jessica insists that Ben is not that kind. Angry and hurt, Marshall tells Jessica to leave and not come back. Jessica tells Marshall to focus on getting well and finding his daughter. Before Jessica leaves, Marshall says she cannot save Ben Harris.

After Mike kisses Molly, Jack arrives to say he has a surprise for Carly and asks for Mikeís help. Jack is surprised that Mike did not tell Molly about Carlyís pregnancy. Jack says he is taking Carly to Cancun Mexico for the honeymoon they did not have. Molly says she has a box full of items she bought when she was in Cancun, which she retrieves to help Jack with his surprise. Carly arrives home and is surprised by Jack, Mike and Molly parading around in ponchos and sombreros. After Mike and Molly leave, Jack tells Carly he is taking her to Cancun for the honeymoon they did not have. This pleases Carly.

Taking Emilyís advice, Carly arrives in Rosannaís hospital room with flowers. Rosanna tells Carly she is being discharged the next day, so Carly can leave since she is not dying. Rosanna insists that Carly came to visit to persuade her to change her mind about Monte Carlo. Carly explains that she quit Monte Carlo, as she is pregnant. Rosanna starts to cry and tells Carly to get out. Carly tells Rosanna that she doesnít want her boyfriend or Monte Carlo, but came to see her as she wants her to be a part of her babyís life. Rosanna says she wonít hold anything against the baby, since it is not the childís fault they donít get along. Carly tells Rosanna she wants her to be a full time aunt to her children. Rosanna reminds Carly that they do not like each other. Carly says they donít have to spend the 4th of July together, she just wants the baby to know her. Rosanna asks Carly if Jack or Craig forced her to come see her. Carly tells Rosanna she does not hate her, she just irritates her and after Jack lost the baby, she realized happiness is just about family, even the family you cannot stand. Rosanna agrees to spend time with Parker and the new baby, and promises Carly she will keep her pregnancy a secret until Carly knows everything with the pregnancy is ok. As Carly heads out the door, she tells Rosanna that Craig told her that he loves her - and he wasnít lying. Outside the door, Carly phones Emily and tells her that Aunt Ro is now on board.

Craig, already moved into Fairwinds, greets Katie and Margo. Being Katieís first time in this house, she says Fairwinds is very gothic, and realizes why Barbara liked it. Craig asks them for their advice and says they must stop him from marrying Rosanna Cabot. Katie says that Rosanna is worst than Barbara, so Craig must not marry her. Craig insists that Rosanna has changed and they discussed marriage the other day. When Katie says that Rosanna must have bought Fairwinds for him, Craig says he bought it for Lucy, so she will have plenty of room for her physical therapy exercises and equipment. Katie and Margo feel that Craig is trying to compete with Sierra. Craig explains that he doesnít really want to get married but he and Rosanna are friends and he cares for her. Katie feels that Craig and Rosannaís relationship is all about sex. Craig then admits that Rosanna proposed to him. Craig says he likes Rosanna, but marriage? When Katie asks Craig if he loves Rosanna, he says he doesnít know. Katie suggests Craig should look for a sign and he will know (she uses her wedding to Simon as an example (how it snowed in the church and lambs showed up out of no where)). Craig visits Rosanna in the hospital and is surprised to hear her say she is withdrawing her marriage proposal.

At Java Underground, Ben hangs out with his brother Isaac. Ben explains how Bob Hughes reassigned Dr. Ramirez to Marshall, since he is telling everyone that he (Ben) tried to kill him in surgery. Isaac tells Ben he should have killed Marshall. Isaac insists that this is a short-term problem for Ben and it will work out. Ben says that Jessica gave him good legal advice about this situation, but he canít trust her. Isaac insists Ben should. Ben says he has not forgiven Jessica and doesnít feel he should. Isaac tells him he needs to move on with his life and brings up the fact that Ben and Jessica were not engaged or married when she had her affair with Marshall. Ben says he cannot get Jessica out of his mind but is not sure he can ever forgive her. Isaac recommends that Ben spend some time with Jessica.

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