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As the World Turns Tuesday 1/14/03

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

In the hospital, Aaron asks candy striper Alison to find out how Lucy is. Irritated by his constant concern for Lucy, Alison says she will use smoke signals to inform him of Lucy’s condition. Aaron manages a brief visit with Lucy. Afterwards Alison tries to get Aaron to go to lunch with her, but Aaron says no. Alison tells Aaron that he is pushing to hard with Lucy and if he continues, her dad (Craig) will interfere once again. Back home with Holden, Aaron explains that he is going crazy not seeing Lucy. Holden advises him to just take it easy for a while, then slowly pay her visits. Alison arrives with news that Lucy is being released from the hospital today. Aaron is so happy that he hugs Alison twice. Alison explains to Aaron that she is lonesome also, since he and Lucy are her only friends. Alison convinces Aaron to go out with her for dinner.

A realtor shows Craig through Fairwinds but soon Barbara arrives to say she will never vacate this house for Craig. When Craig mentions he may be getting married, Barbara asks who his bride to be is. Barbara quickly guesses it is Rosanna Cabot, but Craig say she is buying this house for Lucy, since it has the space and privacy she will need to recuperate. Barbara still says she will not sell Fairwinds to Craig. Craig insists that Barbara is keeping Fairwinds as she still clings to James (this upsets Barbara). Paul arrives with lunch for him and his mother. Barbara tells Paul that Craig has made an offer to buy Fairwinds. Craig explains to Paul that he promised Sierra he would buy a house for Lucy, one in which she can better recuperate. Alone with Paul, Barbara tells him she was thinking she would keep Fairwinds in the family (for him and Rose). Paul mentions that Rose probably would not be comfortable living at Fairwinds as it is associated with James. Paul tells his mom to take Craig’s offer. Barbara tells Craig she will accept his offer. When Craig announces the changes he will make in the house, Paul suggests that he close up the tunnels just in case his dad (James) escapes from prison. Alone with Paul, Barbara tells him that Hal is trying to get Will out of her life. Barbara tells Paul how Hal warned her to keep her distance from Will. Paul manages to keep Barbara from getting hysterical and tells her she is acting the same way she did before she teamed up with James for the kidnappings. After telling Paul that she feels Emily is trying to take Will from her, Barbara asks Paul to help her, as she fears a psychiatrist will declare her an unfit mother. Paul agrees to help her. Paul and Barbara hug.

Carly goes to visit with Emily. Carly explains that she told Jack she is pregnant so now she is afraid Mike will find out. When Emily asks Carly if she is sure that Mike is the father, Carly explains that she and Mike did not use any protection and is sure that he is. Emily convinces Carly that she can handle Mike, but Rosanna is a different story. Carly mentions that Craig proposed to Rosanna. Emily says Rosanna and Craig is a match made in Hell. Carly says she advised Craig to marry her as he loves her. Emily advises Carly to just tell Rosanna that she is pregnant. Carly says no way cause then she would be inviting her into her family. Emily mentions that Rosanna will give great gifts. When Carly gets a phone call from Mike, she leaves. Hal arrives home and tells Emily that Dr. Michaels is having a hard time getting Will to open up about his feelings and the fire. Emily tells Hal that Barbara is to blame for Will’s recent behavior, but Hal blames himself. As Emily serves up some pizza, Hal tells her to go easy on Barbara. This angers Emily who says that Barbara, not Will, belongs in a psychiatric ward. Emily says Barbara should be declared an unfit parent. Emily tells Hal that she is tired of hearing his lectures about “poor Barbara.” Hal apologizes to Emily and tells her she is right about Barbara, but he is concerned with getting Will better before he tackles Barbara.

Mike arrives at Jack’s house and comes across a book titled “A Dad’s Guide to a Pregnant Wife.” When Mike asks Jack about this book, Jack reveals that Carly is pregnant and he has never been happier in his entire life. Mike tells Jack that Molly had a feeling Carly may be pregnant. Jack asks Mike to keep Carly’s pregnancy a secret. After hearing this news, Mike heads over to Carly’s house to ask if the baby she is carrying is his. Carly says it is Jack’s. Mike tells Carly that he does not regret their night together since they are friends who were sharing their honest emotions. Carly still insists the baby is Jack’s but Mike doesn’t believe her. Mike says that when Rosanna finds out this news, she will have a field day.

Craig visits Lucy in the hospital. When Craig mentions she will be going home, Lucy is not thrilled. Lucy says that Aaron came to visit her earlier and she is thinking of seeing him more. Craig tells her that Aaron hangs around outside her room, as he wants her to take pity on him. Craig tells Lucy that he bought Fairwinds and that he may be marrying Rosanna. Lucy remembers Rosanna a little and tells Craig that if he loves her, he should marry her.

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