ATWT Update Monday 1/13/03


As the World Turns Monday 1/13/03

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

While the kids are out of the house, Holden and Lily try to spend some time together. After Holden and Lily awake from a nap, they try to think of something to do. After Holden suggests he and Lily dance around the house naked, Lily falls asleep again. Jack arrives with the Snyder christening dress (for Natalie) and explains how Julia stole JJ and he had to give JJ back to his real parents. As Jack is leaving, Holden asks him what secret he is hiding, but Jack says his secret can wait (referring to Carly’s pregnancy). Lily gets a call from Rose in Italy. Rose says that her stay in Italy helped her to find herself. Lily says that Paul misses her, but she gets no response from Rose.

As Ben walks into his hospital room, Marshall accuses Ben of trying to kill him during surgery. In front of Bob, an angry Ben tells Marshall that if he wanted to, he could have killed him. Marshall says that he will hold Oakdale Memorial responsible for Ben’s actions. After Ben leaves, Bob has Marshall sedated. Outside, Ben tells Bob that Marshall wants him out of the way so he can have Jessica. Bob tells Ben he is taking him off Marshall’s case. After offering her help, Jessica convinces Ben that he did not purposely try to hurt Marshall in surgery. Ben now says he will fight this accusation. Ben tells Jessica that he will not let Marshall take away his career, as he took her (Jessica) from him.

In Lucy’s hospital room, Lucinda tells Craig he is trying to bribe Lucy with gifts, in order to prepare her for her future stepmother, Rosanna Cabot (Craig‘s next victim).

Molly (with laryngitis) continues to suggest to Mike that Carly’s weird behavior may be due to her being pregnant, but Mike tells her to drop the subject. After Mike is reminded of his affair with Carly, he suggests Carly’s strange behavior was probably due to her and Jack giving up JJ. Molly apologizes for carrying on about Carly’s behavior. The thoughts of Carly being pregnant makes Mike think of his one night-stand with her.

Carly tells Jack she wants to make changes at work, and has left Monte Carlo. Jack tries to convince Carly she should work, but Carly tells Jack he is all she needs. While Jack is at the police station, Craig arrives to tell Carly that Rosanna proposed to him. Carly laughs out loud, then tells Craig that if he marries Rosanna, maybe she will give him Monte Carlo back. Craig says he will not use Rosanna. A shocked Carly tells Craig that he is definitely in love with Rosanna. Craig asks Carly if she thinks he is ready for marriage. As Carly is leading Craig out her front door, she tells him to marry Rosanna.

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