ATWT Update Friday 1/10/03


As the World Turns Friday 1/10/03

By Loretta

From his hospital bed, Marshall tells his dad (Oliver) that he and Jessica had an affair, and feels Ben made the surgical mistake to get back at him. Marshall asks his father to start a complete investigation on Ben, in case he should die. When Ben enters Marshall’s room, Marshall tells him to get out and that he (Ben) tried to kill him.

Jessica tries to convince Ben he did not make the surgical mistake on purpose. Ben thanks Jessica for her concern, but states that things have changed between them. Jessica says she is aware their relationship has changed, but offers to help him legally. Ben does not believe Jessica when she tells him that Marshall does not mean anything to her. Jessica advises Ben to continue being Marshall’s doctor as normal. When Jessica arrives at the police station, Margo informs her that Marshall’s teenage daughter could be dead and feels James could have lied about her being alive. Margo feels that Jessica still cares for Marshall, and she tells her so.

Craig thinks Rosanna is joking when she asked him to marry her. Craig tells Rosanna she will ruin her life if she marries him, as he says he is a cad and he cheats, and he reminds Rosanna of his marriages to Sierra and Barbara. Rosanna insists she can change him and says he is scared of her because he respected her enough to tell her the truth (about his recent affair with Carly). Rosanna and Craig kiss. Rosanna offers to help Craig with Lucy. When Craig reminds Rosanna that Lucy hates her, she mentions her discussion about Lucy that she had with Sierra. Rosanna asks Craig to seriously consider her proposal.

Carly tells Jack she is pregnant. Jack is thrilled but asks why she waited so long to tell him. Carly explains there was too much going on with Julia and JJ. An ecstatic Jack insists he will accompany Carly to every doctor appointment she has. Mike and Molly arrive but quickly leave when they sense now is the wrong time to visit them. Carly pleads with Jack to keep her pregnancy news quiet a little longer, Jack agrees, but wants to know why. Carly explains that it is too early to announce, since she worries something may happen to the baby at this early stage. Carly tells Jack there is something else she must tell him. Back home, Molly mentions to Mike that she feels Carly is pregnant.

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