ATWT Update Thursday 1/9/03


As the World Turns Thursday 1/9/03

By Loretta

As Marshall awakens, Jessica informs him of his recent surgery. Outside Marshall’s room, Oliver (Marshall’s father) explains to Jessica his concern about Ben’s mistake during Marshall’s first surgery. Jessica defends Ben.

At Java Underground Ben is upset over his surgical mistake on Marshall. Bob comes by and tells Ben that Marshall’s condition is improving and assures him that he will not be suspended. As Bob is leaving, Jessica informs him that Oliver Travers mentioned Ben’s “mistake” to her and she feels he wishes to sue. Alone with Jessica, Ben tells her that he had wished Marshall to be dead and he almost killed him during the surgery, so he is prepared to face anything he has to. Ben says maybe he did try to kill Marshall. Back at the hospital, Bob informs Oliver that Marshall is expected to make a full recovery and that Ben and the hospital, did their best during the surgery. Oliver goes back to Marshall’s room. Marshall awakens and is informed about his recent surgery, due to Ben making a mistake. Marshall tells his father that Ben did it on purpose as he wanted him dead.

Craig goes to meet Sierra at the airport before she leaves for Monteyga. After saying she forgot to say goodbye, Craig tells Sierra he needs to get some things off his mind. Craig explains that she never needed him during their marriage or anyone. Craig reminds Sierra that after losing Bryant, she never asked him (Craig) for help to deal with theirs son’s death. Before Sierra leaves Craig tells her that no matter how far away she is, he still loves her. Sierra leaves.

Mike visits Rosanna in the hospital and says he needs a favor. Mike asks Rosanna not to take Monte Carlo away from Carly. Rosanna says no, since this was a business deal. Craig arrives with gifts, so Mike leaves. Rosanna tells Craig that Mike wanted her to not take Monte Carlo away from Carly, but she told him no. After discussing his relationship with Sierra, Rosanna thanks Craig for spending time with her during her hospital stay. Rosanna then gets Craig to admit he loves her and they kiss. Rosanna asks Craig to marry her.

Jack opens the package that arrived. It contains a video of Julia who explains how she stole JJ from an Arizona hospital. Julia said she did this due to Jack’s infidelity and to make him realize what it is like to have a child ripped from you (referring to her miscarriage). Julia says she may see him soon. Jack says that he still fears Julia returning, so he prevents Carly from destroying this tape. Jack says Julia won. Carly reminds Jack that Julia did not win, as they are still together. They hug. Mike phones Carly and says he asked Rosanna to not take Monte Carlo away from her. Carly tells Jack she is pregnant.

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