ATWT Update Wednesday 1/8/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 1/8/03

By Loretta

At the hospital, Alison asks Dr. Michaels how she plans to cure Will, if she will use hypnosis or a truth serum. Dr. Michaels looks at Alison strangely. Hal arrives to admit Will to the psychiatric ward. Soon Barbara arrives and makes a scene. Will is obviously worried about his mother so Hal promises to look after her (Barbara). Alone with Barbara, Hal tells her that she needs to be stronger for Will, not vice versa. Hal reminds her of the damage she has done to Will during the past few months.

Aaron asks Alison how she could have done what she did. Thinking Aaron is referring to the fire, Alison realizes its about telling Craig that he and Lucy had sex. Alison says she told Craig about the night she ran off with the car, leaving Lucy and Aaron alone in the barn in Tennessee.

Lucy tells Craig she was mean to Aaron the other day and hopes she did not hurt him. Craig advises Lucy that perhaps Aaron wants her to feel their relationship was more than it actually was. Later, Aaron arrives and asks Craig to convince Lucy that she loved him. Craig tells Lucy that he intends to purchase a house for them. When Lucy mentions bringing her friends over to their new house, she tells Craig she gets bad vibes from Alison.

Rosanna slowly gets out of her hospital bed, as Sierra enters. Sierra tells Rosanna she is leaving for Monteyga, but before she goes, she mentions that she heard Craig talking to her (Rosanna) the other day and he was speaking with his heart. Sierra says she wants to call a treuce and asks that she be kind and supportive to Lucy. Rosanna agrees, just as long as Lucy shows her the same respect back. Before she leaves, Sierra tells Rosanna that a few years ago; she also had a hysterectomy. Sierra says goodbye to Lucy and Lucinda. Talking with Craig, Rosanna suggests he let Lucy and Aaron work things out for themselves and Lucy has the right to explore herself sexually. Rosanna tells Craig that Sierra still cares for him and he should say goodbye to her at the airport. Craig does. <>p>

After Carly reschedules her ultra sound, Margo arrives with the news that the forensic and footprints all match JJs. Margo says that JJs parents are on their way to Oakdale to pick him up. Jack is upset as he thought he had more time to spend with JJ. Carly and Jack (holding JJ) arrive at the airport to give JJ back to his parents. While Carly and Jack are at the hospital, a package is delivered to their home. After Carly and Jack say goodbye to baby JJ, they cry. Back home, Carly and Jack find a package from Julia.

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