ATWT Update Tuesday 1/7/03


As the World Turns Tuesday 1/7/03

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

Marshall awakens, but is disoriented and unable to see clearly. Mr. Travers and Jessica call for a nurse. Ben arrives and notices Marshall’s blood pressure is dropping. Ben realizes Marshall is hemorrhaging and he must perform another surgery on him to see why. Jessica phones Bonnie to inform her of Marshall’s condition (Jessica was to have dinner with Bonnie). Isaac arrives with Bonnie at the hospital and Jessica updates them on Marshall’s condition. Bob announces that Marshall’s surgery was a success. Ben tells Jessica he blames himself for Marshall’s condition (Ben admits he almost tore into an artery, during his first surgery on Marshall).

Aaron arrives at the hospital with flowers for Lucy. Aaron tells Lucy he will always be here to keep her positive and insists she will walk again. Lucy tells Aaron she cannot remember how she felt about him and says for right now, she must not see him. Aaron sadly leaves. Lucy tells her mom (Sierra) that she told Aaron she cannot see him now. Sierra tries to console a crying Lucy and tells her that Aaron seems genuinely concerned for her. Aaron returns home and tells Holden how Craig had asked him about his and Lucy’s sleeping arrangements on their road trip, that Craig specifically mentioned a barn. Aaron tells Holden that he and Lucy slept together. When Holden asks Aaron if he told anyone about him and Lucy, Aaron thinks of Alison.

Carly discusses the end of Monte Carlo with Craig, due to breaking the Carly Clause. Craig tells Carly there is a way she can help herself and the company, by visiting Rosanna, as she needs comfort and family, plus Craig adds, Carly owes her an apology. Carly agrees.

In the hospital, Mike asks Rosanna why she bought Molly’s apartment. Rosanna explains she got tired of living in a hotel, especially with this surgery, she needed an apartment, and so Molly’s was available. Rosanna says she thought Molly would move in with Mike eventually anyhow. Carly enters the room and tells everyone that Rosanna thought that she (Carly) had slept with Mike. Carly further explains that Rosanna only allowed her to work with Craig as long as they didn’t sleep together. Rosanna then says she cannot believe everyone (Mike, Molly & Carly) are ganging up on her in her hospital room. After Mike and Molly leave, Rosanna is angry as Carly told everyone she slept with her lover (Craig). Carly tells her sister she does not want to fight. As Carly explains why she slept with Craig, the topic turns to how JJ may not be Jack’s. This upsets Rosanna and she says she will not tell Jack (that Carly slept with Craig), but it will not help Monte Carlo. Before she leaves Carly suggests to Rosanna that she spend some time with Parker. Outside Carly sees Craig and tells him Rosanna is shutting down Monte Carlo.

Back home, Molly tells Mike that it must have been stressful that Rosanna told everyone that he slept with Carly, when it was really Craig. Molly tells Mike she loves him.

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