ATWT Update Monday 1/6/03


As the World Turns Monday 1/6/03

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

Aaron tells Lily he will make a list of memories of him and Lucy and give it to her. Lily tells Aaron that may not be a good idea. Lily suggests that Aaron focus on the present with Lucy and be there for her now. Meeting Aaron in the hospital, Craig asks him to explain more about his recent road trip with Lucy, especially where they slept. When Craig mentions a barn, Aaron admits he and Lucy did sleep in a barn together, but that is all. After Lucy falls down in physical therapy, Aaron arrives with flowers.

Lucy recalls a portion of the fight she had with Alison before her accident. Alison tells Lucy they fought because Lucy stole her lipstick - Lucy believes her. Lucy thinks of Aaron, then she starts to cry as she feels he may not want her like this (unable to walk). Alison goes to retrieve Sierra and Craig. After Sierra goes to console Lucy, Craig asks Alison if she said anything to upset Lucy. Alison says no, but then asks Craig if he is still going to allow Lucy to see Aaron. Craig tells Alison that he feels she wants Lucy to go back to Monteyga, so she can have Aaron for herself. After Lucy sheds some tears, Sierra tells hr she can remain in Oakdale.

After telling her she is jealous of Rosanna, Sierra tells Craig she is not and that Lucy lost her memory and the ability to walk because of him. Sierra continues that she left their son Bryant in his (Craig) care and he died, so she feels she can protect Lucy if she takes her back to Monteyga. Later Craig sees Carly at the hospital. Jack informs Craig that JJ may not be his and that Julia may have stolen him. Alone with Carly, Craig tells her that if Rosanna invokes the Carly Clause, Jack will know that she had an affair with him. Craig says he can help her (Carly) but it will cost her big.

Katie arrives home from shopping and shows Simon her new outfit she bought for Australia. Simon is not amused and snaps at her. After Katie tries to convince Simon that he should visit Australia, Simon tells her that back home (in Australia) he got into some trouble and assaulted a police officer, then he took off. Simon explains that now there is a new warrant out for his arrest and that cop is now a judge who is out to get him. While Simon is upstairs, Katie phones Tom Hughes to see if he can provide legal help for Simon.

Mike pays a visit to a recuperating Rosanna in the hospital. Mike does not come empty handed, he brings Rosanna a deck of cards, comic books and her favorite candy. After Mike and Rosanna enjoy a game of gin, Rosanna asks him why he is being so nice to her. Mike explains that they used to mean a lot to one another and he would like their relationship remain like this. Rosanna smiles and agrees. As Mike gives Rosanna a friendly kiss goodbye, Molly arrives. After accusing Rosanna of kissing her boyfriend, Molly asks her why she bought her old apartment. Rosanna tells Molly to get her and her trailer park behavior out. After Mike hears that Rosanna bought Molly’s old apartment, he asks Rosanna how she could stoop so low.

Margo informs Carly and Jack that a seven day old baby was stolen from a couple in Arizona and some people at the hospital recalled seeing a woman there who fit Julia’s description. Margo tells Jack that if JJ does turn out to be this stolen baby, Jack can only spend a few hours with him.

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