ATWT Update Friday 1/3/03


As the World Turns Friday 1/3/03

By Loretta

Hal pays a call to Holden and Aaron. Hal explains he is dropping all charges against Aaron, Lucy and Alison. Hal apologizes and thanks Aaron for saving Will and Luke from the fire.

Lucy tells Sierra she will not go to Monteyga. Lucy says that while she lost her ability to walk, she will not lose her friends and life in Oakdale. Candy striper Alison arrives to wheel Lucy to her first physical therapy session, which Lucy is frustrated about. Before Alison has a chance to wheel Lucy off, Lucinda arrives to chat with her. Seeing her granddaughter’s depressed state, Lucinda orders her to stop the tears and go to physical therapy. Outside Lucy’s room, Alison mentions to Sierra that Craig is with Rosanna who just had surgery. Ben overhears Alison and reminds her of patient confidentiality. Lucinda tells Sierra that Lucy agreed to go to physical therapy. Seeing the frustration on Lucy’s face after her therapy, Sierra tells her that since she was little, she overcame any obstacle, so she knows she (Lucy) will walk again. Later, Lucy begins to think of Aaron. Sierra tells Craig he is brainwashing Lucy to stay in Oakdale and using Aaron for this also. Craig then says she is jealous of Rosanna. When Lucy talks to a patient who wears an Ohio State T-shirt, she recalls the fight she had with Alison before her accident.

Rosanna wakes up from her surgery to see Craig sitting near her. Craig tells Rosanna that her surgery went well. Rosanna is disappointed to see that after telling Emma she hates flannel, Emma brought a flannel nightgown for her to wear. Rosanna asks Craig about Lucy’s condition. Standing outside Rosanna’s room, Sierra hears Craig tell Rosanna how he dealt with Bryant’s death. Craig tells Rosanna that he intends to spend as much time with her during her hospital stay. Craig kisses Rosanna and tells her he will always be here for her.

Molly visits her old apartment that she had lived in with Jake. Emma is there and explains she is preparing the apartment for Rosanna, who just purchased it. Molly tells Emma that Rosanna just purchased this apartment to get back at her for having a relationship with Mike.

Mike tells Carly he cannot lie any longer. Carly tells him he does not have to worry any longer about their lie, since Craig told Rosanna that he slept with her, not Mike. Just as Mike is mentioning “spilling the beans” to Jack, Jack arrives and asks what Mike means. Carly quickly thinks and says Mike was mentioning that Rosanna should spill the beans about her hysterectomy. Jack tells Mike that JJ may not be his. Carly tells Mike about the Carly Clause in her Monte Carlo contract. Mike tells Carly how the other night, Molly mentioned that she is slightly jealous of his past relationship with Carly. Later Jack and Carly arrive with JJ at the hospital for the DNA test. Suddenly Margo arrives and Jack realizes that she must have found JJ’s parents.

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