ATWT Update Thursday 1/2/03


As the World Turns Thursday 1/2/03

By Loretta


Holding little Natalie, Lily sits with Holden and the kids. After Lily lets Aaron hold Natalie, he says his little sister is awesome. Lily tells Aaron that she and Holden never believed he started the fire. Aaron apologizes to Lily for his past mistakes, and then Lily apologizes for having had no patience with him.

Alison offers to go to the hospital with Hal and Will. Barbara soon drops by and is mad that Hal did not notify her that he and Will have returned. Hal tells Barbara about Will required to spend 30 days under psychiatric evaluation. After Barbara starts getting angry, Hal quiets her down by reminding her of the kind of life she put Will through the past few months. Hal insists that Will shall live with him and Emily and when Will visits Barbara, it will be in a normal home, not a hotel. Will comes downstairs and hugs his mother (Barbara), and is reassured by her about his upcoming hospital stay.

Lucy is out of ICU. Ben tells Craig and Sierra that Lucy may not walk for a while, but with physical therapy she has a good chance. Sierra still insists that Lucy must return to Monteyga with her. Alison visits Lucy, who cannot remember her. Alison tells Lucy not to obsess with trying to remember everything. After being told she will be confined to a wheel chair, Lucy cries. Ben introduces Lucy to her physical therapist. Outside, Alison tells Craig that Aaron is trying to make Lucy remember more than a kiss - something special they shared inside a barn in Memphis. Later, Craig hears Lucy tell her mom that she feels Aaron wants her to remember something important.

Carly brings up the subject to Jack that JJ may not be his as Julia may have tampered with the blood samples that were collected. Jack disagrees and feels JJ is his. Carly suggests that perhaps Julia stole a newborn baby. Jack tells Carly that no matter what happens with JJ he wants to have a baby with Carly. Carly then convinces Jack to have another blood test to determine if JJ is his. Carly tries to tell Jack she is pregnant, but is interrupted when Margo arrives, who informs Jack that Hal has returned. Jack asks Margo if she will check the missing baby database, since JJ may not be his. Instead of telling Jack she is pregnant, Carly tells him she loves him madly.

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