ATWT Update Wednesday 1/1/03


As the World Turns Wednesday 1/1/03

By Loretta

Instead of the usual episode, CBS ran an episode from November 1987:

While hospitalized, Barbara recalls James had died in a fire at Ruxton Hills and fears Paul is dead. Hal questions a sedated Barbara, who explains she was afraid James would take Paul from her, she also recalls seeing James’ body on the floor, hearing Emily scream, an explosion, then the fire started. Dr. Michaels now questions a traumatized Barbara, who says she heard Lucinda scream. Barbara is soon relieved to see Paul, who hugs her.

Holden tells Detective Roy Franklin that there was a fire at Ruxton Hills and that James had been shot. Roy asks Holden why he is certain that James died in the fire and questions him. Holden explains that he saw Ruxton Hills go on fire, saw Emily pull a gun on James inside the house, and later he saw a woman’s footprints. Later, Roy is given some evidence found at the fire: a box of jewels belonging to Monica Lawrence and a gun fired by Barbara. Roy heads to Monica’s house to question her about the jewels that were found with James at Ruxton Hills.

Lucinda tells Lily that Holden has known that she was adopted and Iva was her biological mother. Lily accuses Lucinda of coming between her and Holden (whom she desperately loves). Lucinda says that Holden was only using her to get her inheritance. Lily now recalls Holden telling her that he knew nothing about her adoption. Near hysterics, Lily tells Lucinda that she has now destroyed her life, which was a lie. Lily says she will never forgive her and leaves. Roy arrives to question Lucinda about the fire at Ruxton Hills and James being shot.

Pam (John Dixon’s niece) is visiting Dusty. A phone call from Lucinda interrupts her kiss with Dusty. Concerned, Pam leaves for Lucinda’s. After trying to console a depressed Lucinda, Pam leaves so Lucinda can speak in private with Holden. Holden asks where Lily is. Lucinda tells him how she told Lily that he (Holden) knew all along that she had been adopted and never wants to see him again. Holden leaves to find Lily.

Lily arrives at Dusty’s home in tears; she explains how Lucinda told her that Holden knew all this time that she was adopted. Dusty tells Lily that he also knew, but felt Holden should be the one to inform her. Lily says it is over between her and Holden. Lily tells Dusty that he is the only one for her and suggests they make love. After making love, Dusty tells Lily that he knows this is her first time, but this feels like his first time also, since he never loved anyone else but her. Soon Holden and arrives and sees that Lily had been with Dusty.

Betsy chats with Hal who informs her the home that Steve built was destroyed in the fire that evening. Bob updates Hal on Barbara’s condition. Betsy arrives home to find Paul and Emily there. Paul learns that his mom (Barbara) is in the hospital. Emily explains that she and Paul are hiding here, but she can’t tell Betsy why.

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