ATWT Update Thursday 12/26/02


As the World Turns Thursday 12/26/02

By Loretta


Bob asks Ben how Marshall’s condition is. Ben replies not good as he is afraid more damage will be done when Marshall goes to surgery. Bob asks Ben if he is sure he wants to do the surgery on Marshall. Ben is sure. Jessica walks with Mr. Travers to see Marshall. Mr. Travers asks Jessica if there was anything between her and Marshall. Jessica says yes, but it is over now. After being introduced to Ben, Mr. Travers asks him about his credentials. Ben tells him that although he was not Marshall’s friend, it will not prevent him from giving him the best care. Ben explains to Mr. Travers that there is a chance that Marshall may lose his eyesight. In front of Ben, Mr. Travers tells Jessica that she must still care for Marshall. Ben asks Jessica why she risked her life for Marshall, but Jessica does not answer. Before Marshall is wheeled to surgery, Mr. Travers tells him how proud he is to have him for a son. Mr. Travers kisses his son.

As Mike worries about Carly and the $50,000, he apologizes to Molly for not telling her about his loan from Lucinda. Molly tries asking Mike what the loan was for. Mike explains the loan was to pay off many debts he had and he was too embarrassed to ask Molly for a loan. Mike tells Molly that Rosanna is spreading lies about him, which is making Craig jealous. Molly says she doesn’t think Craig would be jealous of him and Rosanna, but of another person. Molly says it must be Carly.

Dressed in a new black cocktail dress, Rosanna surprises Craig at Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells Craig she bought the dress to go with the diamond necklace he gave her for Christmas. Craig says he may be suffering from post holiday blues, but Rosanna thinks it is because he is worried about Carly. Craig tells her he already confronted Carly about the money and the $50,000 is in the safe. Craig says he will not fire Carly and hire another designer. Rosanna agrees to meet Craig for dinner that evening. As Rosanna arrives at Holden and Lily’s to see Emma, she gets a sudden cramp in her abdomen. Rosanna explains she put off her surgery and has not told Craig yet. Emma hugs her and gives her encouragement about Craig and her surgery. Asked about her relationship with her sister, Rosanna tells Emma that Carly stole money from her business, then returned it. Emma tells her to let it go.

Jack cancels his sleigh ride with Parker, as he must escort James to a maximum-security facility. Carly tells a disappointed Parker that she will sled with him. Soon Carly disappoints Parker again when Roberta is called out of town to care for her ill mother, leaving Carly to care for little J.J. Craig arrives at Carly’s with a Christmas gift for Parker. This pleases little Parker. As Carly is trying to rock little J.J to sleep, Craig asks her how she can suggest that he never loved her. Carly tells Craig if he were really her friend, he would help her and not call her a whore to her face. Carly asks Craig to keep quiet about her and Mike, then Rosanna bangs on her door saying that she knows Craig is there. Rosanna tells Carly that she will make sure Jack hears about her one nightstand with Mike.

James, handcuffed, with his feet chained, tells Jack he is optimistic about his future, despite Jack reminding him of the many charges he faces. Paul and Barbara arrive. James asks Barbara to remain faithful to him during his absence. When Barbara hands him divorce papers, James says that no divorce can separate their bond. James then speaks passionate words of love to Barbara. Barbara looks at James like he is crazy. As Jack escorts James out the door James reminds Barbara that he will see her real soon when she least expects it. Alone with Paul, Barbara tells her son that she hates herself for the kidnappings she was responsible for. Paul tells her they must start over, and he hugs his mother.

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