ATWT Update Monday 12/30/02


As the World Turns Monday 12/30/02

By Loretta

Hal is upset as Will is required to spend some time at Memorial’s psychiatric ward. Alison arrives at Hal and Emily’s house. Hal apologizes to Alison for chasing her, Aaron and Lucy across the country. When Alison asks Hal if he will press charges against her for stealing his jail cell keys, Hal says he will try and get the acting D.A. to get her off the hook. Alison gets upset when she learns that Will must spend time in a psychiatric ward. When Alison sees Will she hugs him, making Emily concerned about Alison’s strange behavior (she is a little too nice). Will tells Hal and Emily he will agree to go for a psychiatric evaluation. Alone, Alison questions Will about the fire and what he remembers.

During the craniotomy Ben managed to remove the bullet from Marshall’s head. Bob gives Mr. Travers and Jessica this news. As Marshall is wheeled into his hospital room, Ben can tell by the look on Jessica’s face that she still cares for him. As Jessica thanks Ben for performing Marshall’s surgery, she tries to discuss their relationship but Ben refuses to discuss it. Visiting Marshall, Jessica tells him how brave he is. Seeing Jessica get emotional, Marshall tells her that she loves Ben and she must try to get him back.

While Emma is helping Rosanna pack for the hospital, Rosanna tells Emma that she did not inform Craig yet of her upcoming hysterectomy. After learning about the surgery from Carly, Craig arrives and asks Rosanna why she did not tell him about her surgery. After getting angry with Craig and tossing a glass at him, Rosanna explains how frustrated she is at having this surgery and how Carly gets everything she wants, including the children she will never have.

Carly is angry with Craig as he told Rosanna that he slept with Carly, not Mike. Craig insists that he did this since Rosanna was ready to phone Jack and tell him the truth. Craig tells Carly that he genuinely loves Rosanna and felt awful about hurting her. Carly is shocked by Craig’s declaration of his love for Rosanna, so Carly tries to give him encouragement by telling him that he can help Rosanna get through her hysterectomy. Craig immediately leaves to see Rosanna.

At the hospital, John informs Jack that JJ may not be his and he should get another DNA test, but Jack refuses. Carly overhears John advising Jack that JJ may not be his. Jack still insists that JJ is his and he leaves. Alone with Carly, John explains to her how hereditary scoliosis is and that Jack and Julia have no family history of it. Back home Jack accuses Carly of being glad that JJ may not be his. Carly then tells Jack how seeing him with JJ the last few weeks made her realize how much she loves him. They hug.

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