ATWT Update Friday 12/27/02


As the World Turns Friday 12/27/02

By Loretta

Alison imagines herself visiting Lucy, who tells Alison she knows she burned down the barn, then Aaron appears and asks Alison how she could let him take the blame. Alison comes back to reality and Aaron encourages her to visit Lucy, but Alison says she does not want to make waves with Lucy or make her upset. While Aaron visits with Lucy, Alison feels it would be a good idea to let Craig know that his daughter is not “perfect.” As Aaron sits with Lucy, he tells her about Alison who she cannot remember. Aaron says that Alison is funny, crazy, brave, loyal, unpredictable and he likes her (Alison eavesdrops on Aaron‘s conversation with Lucy, which makes her smile).

Hal comes home with Will. Soon Emily arrives home surprised to see him. Angry Emily asks Hal why he shut her out all these weeks. Hal admits he was wrong and endangered the lives of Aaron, Lucy and Alison. Margo arrives with Evelyn Hart (from social services) who advises Hal he must admit Will to Memorial’s psychiatric unit within 48 hours for an evaluation. Hal says he will not allow it. After Hal explains this to Will, the boy gets angry and says Hal lied to him and does not want him back home because he started the fire. Will runs upstairs. Seeing Hal’s sadness, Emily reminds him that they agreed to stay with each other for better or for worst. They hug.

Mike tells Molly that Craig is jealous of him. After saying it must be due to Carly, a frustrated Molly walks outside. Mike apologizes to Molly, who says she understands but she is not thrilled that he and Carly slept together a long time ago. Molly tells Mike she feels there is more between him and Carly that they are keeping a secret. Mike tells Molly there is something he needs to tell her. Mike explains how he and Carly lost their baby many years ago, and he still feels the sadness every time he looks at her. Molly kisses Mike.

Jack returns home exhausted after having escorted James to prison. Jack decides to find a replacement for his evening shift so he can spend time with Carly. Jack feels J.J.’s head and realizes he has a temperature, so he and Carly take the baby to emergency. After examining the baby, Susan tells Jack that J.J. has a mild ear infection and she wishes to take an x-ray as she found out he has infantile scoliosis, which is not serious, but they need to watch it as he grows. Susan, alone with John tells him that since scoliosis is hereditary, and both Jack and Julia have no family history of this, the child may not be Jack’s. Craig arrives at the hospital and tells Carly that he told Rosanna that he slept with her, and he thinks she will keep quiet. John tells Jack about J.J.’s hereditary condition and that he recommends Jack have another DNA test.

Rosanna arrives at the police station looking for Jack, Craig follows her. Craig tells her that Mike did not sleep with Carly, but he did. Crying, Rosanna tells Craig to get out of her life. After Rosanna threatens to phone Jack with the truth, Craig dumps her phone in a glass of water. Craig explains that he slept with Carly as they had both been through a lot and were vulnerable. Craig says he learned from this mistake that he loves Rosanna. Rosanna tells Craig that he and his slut (Carly) can move their things out of Monte Carlo, as they both broke the Carly Clause. Craig tries to tell Rosanna how much she means to him but Rosanna does not believe him and leaves.

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