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As the World Turns Wednesday 12/25/02

By Loretta


Instead of the usual episode, CBS ran a classic Christmas episode from 1985:

Lily and Sierra place gifts under their Christmas tree as Craig arrives with a surprise for Lily: Dusty. Dusty and Lily hug. After Sierra takes off with Craig to distribute gifts to the children at the hospital, Dusty gives Lily a kiss outside while the snow is falling. Holden visits (calling Lily Ma’am) to invite Dusty and Lily to the Snyder home that evening. After Dusty gives Lily a glass kitten, Holden decides not to give Lily the kitten he carved for her. Sierra, Lucinda and Craig arrive at the hospital where Craig will dress as Santa Claus to distribute gifts. Sierra accepts an offer from nurse Lila to join Craig at the Hughes Christmas open house. Alone with Craig, Lila (his mom) asks why Lucinda suddenly wants him to be with Sierra. Craig tells Lila he is concerned as John is falling for Sierra. Later Lila approaches John about this and she tells him that Sierra loves Craig. Later Lucinda opens her gift from Lily, which is a necklace with a #1 Mom charm hanging from it.

Frannie helps Kim decorate for their Christmas Eve open house and her birthday. An overly festive John Dixon arrives with presents, followed by Lisa. Lisa asks Nancy if she will model an outfit designed by Oleg Cassinni at a show to be held at Caroline’s the day after Christmas. Encouraged by Frannie and Nancy’s husband Chris, Nancy agrees. Seeing John’s good mood, Lisa can’t help to say that John is a Scrooge who turned into Tiny Tim. Kim shows Lisa the mysterious Christmas card she received from her secret admirer. Later that evening, Tom arrives; Ellen is there also. Margo then arrives and tells Tom she is sorry she could not fix him breakfast but Tom says Barbara got him breakfast anyhow, which doesn’t go well with Margo. John arrives and kisses Nancy under the mistletoe. With Steve at the piano, everyone sings Christmas carols. As Nancy carries in Frannie’s birthday cake, Happy Birthday is sung. Douglas gives Frannie gold earrings, which remind her of her old love interest Kevin. Everyone goes outside to listen to the carolers.

Brian McColl arrives at the retirement home to help Shannon and Harriett with the Christmas Eve festivities. Brian tells Shannon that Barbara is sorry for her behavior. Barbara and a young Paul arrive to also help Shannon. Somehow Shannon found out about a kiss Barbara planted on Brian’s lips the night before so she approaches Brian about this as he eats a canoli. As Barbara prepares to leave, she gives Shannon Brian’s gloves, which she says he left at her apartment the night before. Brian gives Shannon a Jack in the Box holding a diamond bracelet. They kiss.

Iva arrives home at the Snyder Farm as Emma prepares her baked bread as presents. A depressed Holden arrives back home and tells Iva he decided not to give Lily the kitten he carved. Steve and Betsy and little Daniel arrive with a gift for Iva. Holden gives Danni his kitten carving. Later that evening, Emma, Holden and Iva string popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree. Soon Lily and Dusty arrive and help. As Lily admires Emma’s music box, Emma starts singing “Joy to the World,” and everyone joins in.

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