ATWT Update Tuesday 12/24/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 12/24/02

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

On Christmas Eve Lisa, Tom, Kim and Nancy sing “Come All Ye Faithful” for Margo and her fellow officers down at the police station where Margo is on duty until midnight. Tom gives Margo a gold necklace with two hearts locked together, representing them. They kiss. Later when Bob runs into Kim at the hospital, Bob asks her what is the matter. Kim says she misses her children not being with them at Christmas (Chris is in Hawaii, Andy is on an assignment and Frannie is in Montega). For Kim’s sake, Bob decides to spend Christmas Eve her.

Jessica arrives at the hospital to see Marshall in recovery. With tears in her eyes Jessica tells Marshall that he is a good man and the strength that he carries with him in the courtroom, he must now use to get well. Ben sees Jessica place a kiss on Marshall’s lips.

In the hospital, Lucy looks through scrapbooks which Lucinda and Sierra have brought her to help her memory come back. Outside Lucy’s room, John tells Lucinda and Sierra not to put too much pressure right now on Lucy to get her memory back. After Aaron arrives with the news that Lily is in labor, Lucinda and Sierra head off to Lily and Holden’s house. As Aaron sits near Lucy, she dreams she is Clara dancing with the Nutcracker, who turns out to be Aaron. Lucy awakens to see Aaron and they kiss gently.

Luke tells Holden he wishes that his mom (Lily) can come downstairs for Christmas but Lily must stay in bed until she is ready to have the baby. While Holden decorates the tree Faith wishes for a sister. Lily comes downstairs, as she could not miss the kids hanging up their stockings. Sensing Aaron’s concern for Lucy’s memory loss, Lily gives Aaron encouragement. While Lisa, Bob, Kim and Nancy sing carols, Lily’s water breaks. Lily now heads upstairs to deliver, assisted by Holden and Bob. To keep Faith and Luke entertained, Nancy reads them “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Soon Sierra takes Faith and Luke upstairs to see their new sister Natalie. Luke recites a Christmas poem for Lily.

Wearing a Santa hat, Jack arrives at Monte Carlo to pick up Carly to spend Christmas Eve with Molly and Mike. When Jack asks Carly if she has been naughty or nice, Carly replies “naughty.” While Jack kisses Carly, her mind races to her night of passion with Mike and she breaks away from Jack‘s embrace. When Carly and Jack arrive at Mike and Molly’s house, Carly tells Mike that Craig knows everything. Mike presents Parker with the sleigh he made him. Molly goes outside in the snow with Parker to test his new sleigh out. Carly gets annoyed when Jack tells her that he had Molly buy all of Jack Jr.’s presents and that he did not ask her to buy them. Carly tells Jack that he must feel she is a rotten stepmother. After Carly makes this remark, she presents Jack Jr. with a sweater she made especially for him. As Jack and Carly leave for home, they wish each other a Merry Christmas and kiss.

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