ATWT Update Monday 12/23/02


As the World Turns Monday 12/23/02

By Loretta

Simon gives Katie his Christmas present, which is a cabinet he made himself to hold all her dolls in. Katie loves it then says her dolls are gone. Katie tells Simon she sold her dolls to buy him a special gift. Simon tells Katie he will get her dolls back for her but Katie says no. Katie gives Simon her present which is a leather wallet containing a legal document which states that Simon’s sheep farm in Australia is now paid in full (Katie sold her dolls to pay off his lien on the sheep farm). Simon is touched by Katie’s gift, but he is not thrilled to go visit his old home in Australia. Katie notices the snow falling down outside. Katie (walking in her bunny slippers) goes out side with Simon to take in the falling snow. Katie tosses a snowball at Simon, and then he carries her back inside their house.

Mike brings his camera into the living room while Molly busily wraps the many gifts she has for Jack Jr. Molly opens a special delivery letter for Mike from World Wide Enterprises, and finds a loan agreement. Mike explains to Molly that he asked Lucinda for a loan to pay off some debts. Molly tells Mike he should have asked her for a loan. Molly is a little irritated that Mike kept this from her.

Craig can’t resist making wisecracks after catching Carly and Mike in an embrace at Monte Carlo. After Mike leaves, Craig says that Rosanna was right about her and Mike. Craig tells Carly that Jack is gullible and one of these days he will open his eyes and see her for what she really is. With his mood getting more sour, Craig insults Carly by saying she is disloyal to her cousin and business partner and there is $50,000 missing from the safe. After Craig looks inside the safe he notices that the bands around the cash are stamped with the current day’s date, so he is convinced that Mike replaced the money after Carly took it. Craig asks Carly if Mike pays her for sex. After Carly angrily asks Craig if he was calling her a whore, she tells him to go to Hell. Carly tries to slap Craig in the face, but he stops her. Craig goes off to pay Molly and Mike a visit. Carly phones Mike and tells him that Craig knows about the money and he is on his way to tell Molly. Nervous from Carly’s news, Mike suggests that he and Molly drive to Chicago for the holiday. Craig soon arrives and outside, asks Mike to explain how the $50,000 in the safe was replaced. Mike explains how Carly needed to borrow the money for something and he replaced it. Craig then yells out to Molly to come outside. Molly comes to see what Craig wants, but he only tells her Merry Christmas. After Mike and Molly go inside, Carly creeps around the outside of Mike’s house and runs into Craig. Craig tells Carly he thought that he would be the one she came to when she needed help. Carly says she needs his help now and asks him not to tell Rosanna about the money.

Jack races to the docks to meet up with Margo and Jessica who are seeking James and Marshall. Face to face with Marshall, James angrily tells him that he let him down. Marshall says he could not lie one more day and wants to know where his daughter is. James reminds Marshall that he must escape. Marshall says that a boat will pick him up in 20 minutes, and when James sees the beacon on the water, he should flicker his flashlight three times. James does not believe him and feels Marshall will betray him once again. As Marshall begs James to tell him where his daughter is, James says the word “terisima.” Margo comes up behind James and tells him to freeze. James ducks but manages to shoot Marshall. Marshall falls to the ground. A hysterical Jessica holds Marshall in her arms until the ambulance arrives. After Margo reads James his rights, he is handcuffed. Glancing at Marshall on the ground, James says he now needs a new lawyer. At the hospital Bob tells Ben that Marshall Travers has been shot in the head and he will be brought in. Ben agrees to perform the surgery on Marshall. Jessica tells Ben that Marshall only worked for James to locate his daughter, but Ben says that Marshall got what he deserved. After Margo reads James the many charges he is facing, James sadly says he doesn’t care since his life without Barbara is nothing.

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