ATWT Update Friday 12/20/02


As the World Turns Friday 12/20/02

By Loretta


Mike asks Lucinda for a $50,000 loan, offering to sign over his life insurance policy as collateral. Lucinda asks why he is not asking Molly for the loan. Mike says that Molly cannot know about this loan. Lucinda agrees to loan Mike the $50,000, in cash.

Craig meets Rosanna at Java, informing her that he has co be nice to Aaron to be sure he pays frequent visits to Lucy in the hospital, to help her memory. Craig tells Rosanna about his divorce from Sierra and how after Bryant’s death; Sierra lost trust in him and now blames Craig for Lucy’s accident. Rosanna tells Craig he is a good father and needs to treat himself better. Katie surprises a kissing Craig and Rosanna with a brief visit. Before she leaves to bring Lucy presents, Katie mentions that Rosanna hired Henry Coleman to spy on Carly. Craig asks Rosanna to explain this. Rosanna says that Carly stole money from Monte Carlo as Henry was blackmailing her. Rosanna informs Craig that when she went to pay Carly a visit, she found a stack of money on the floor, the next day she saw Henry holding these same bills. After Rosanna leaves, Craig phones Henry to meet him at Java. Henry arrives and tells Craig he will give him information for $5,000. Henry says he has a witness who saw Mike with Carly the night before her wedding, but denies he blackmailed Carly. Craig orders Henry to keep away from Carly and Mike and to not tell Rosanna any information.

When Emily questions Carly suspiciously as to why Mike was there, Carly says it was about business. Emily tells Carly that she knows she slept with Mike the night before her wedding. Carly finally tells Emily that Mike is the father of the baby she is carrying, but he does not know. Emily advises Carly to tell Jack she is having his baby - and pray that it does not look like Mike. Carly takes Emily’s advice and agrees to pretend the baby is Jack’s. Mike arrives at Monte Carlo and tells Carly he has the $50,000 in cash. After some convincing, Carly agrees to take the money and places it inside the safe at Monte Carlo. After hugging, Carly and Mike stare into each other’s eyes, then Craig walks in.

? Jessica tells Marshall she cannot believe that he told the truth for her sake. Marshall says he now faces many charges. Jessica tells Marshall to hire her as his attorney but Marshall says no, that he loves her but wants her to be happy with Ben, so he does not want to come between them again. Jessica leaves. Marshall gets a call from James to meet him at the docks. Ben tries to stop Jessica from going after Marshall but he is not successful. James promised to give Marshall information about his daughter when he meets him at the docks. Down by the docks, James wishes Marshall a Merry Christmas and asks what kind of a man he is.

At the police station Paul tells Jack that if they find where his mom (Barbara) is, they will also find James. Barbara arrives at the Old Mill and is greeted by James who tells her she is all he wants for Christmas. Jack gets a phone call from Barbara who says that James has left. Soon Paul, Jack and police officers arrive at the Old Mill. Barbara says James threatened to harm Will and Paul if she did not help him escape and says Jack will never find James. Jack realizes that James is probably confronting Marshall. Paul tells his mom that he is glad that James did not take her away with him.

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