ATWT Update Thursday 12/19/02


As the World Turns Thursday 12/19/02

By Loretta


Craig goes to see Aaron and informs him on Lucy’s condition. Craig asks Aaron to help Lucy try and get her memory back. Of course Aaron agrees. Arriving at the hospital, Aaron is warmly greeted by Sierra. After Aaron leaves for Lucy’s room, Sierra reminds Craig how nasty he treated Aaron. Craig admits he was wrong about Aaron, but quickly reminds Sierra that Aaron and Lucy need to be together now more than ever, to help her regain her memory. Sierra says she will not allow him to use Aaron. Craig reminds Sierra that Lucy needs familiarity like her friends and family so if Sierra takes her back to Montega, it could set her recovery back.

In the hospital, Sierra tells Lucy she wants her to return to Montega. Later Lucy is visited by Aaron who she slowly recognizes. Lucy tells Aaron she remembers Alison saying something before her accident but she cannot remember exactly. Aaron continues to sit with Lucy and tells her about their motorcycle rides, their recent road trip and that Christmas is next week. Lucy remembers the fire at the barn, but cannot remember making love to Aaron. Aaron tells Craig that Lucy remembered him but not much more than that. Aaron asks Craig if he still intends to keep him away from Lucy when she regains total consciousness. Craig says no and shakes Aaron’s hand.

Marshall stands up in court to announce that Paul Ryan is innocent and James Stenbeck killed Brandy (James has now vanished from the courtroom). Marshall also announces he will resign as D.A. Paul is now free but fears that James may have his mom (Barbara). Paul apologizes to Jessica for thinking she could not help him. Jessica feels Marshall may have changed his mind about telling the truth after speaking with his father and then with Brandy’s parents. Later Jessica speaks with Marshall. Marshall says now he will never find his daughter, but he feels he deserves it. Marshall tells Jessica he told the truth, as he could not stand to break her heart again. Outside Java stands Santa Claus who is ringing a bell. This Santa Claus is none other than James Stenbeck, who calls Barbara to tell her that she must help him get out of town - is she does not - he will kill Paul.

After their day in court, Isaac and Bonnie arrive back at Java Underground. Bonnie tells Isaac they must get Ben and her mom (Jessica) back together. Isaac tells Bonnie that Ben and Jessica’s situation needs some time to heal. Isaac and Bonnie hug and agree to celebrate Paul‘s freedom.

Mike arrives at Monte Carlo. Carly immediately hides her pregnancy vitamins from him. Carly tells Mike that she paid Henry Coleman $50,000 to keep silent about her one night stand with Mike. Emily arrives and walks in on Carly and Mike. Mike leaves to meet with Lucinda at Java to ask her a favor. Mike asks Lucinda if he can borrow $50,000. Carly tells Emily she has no idea how to handle it if Jack finds out that the baby is not his. Emily has her own problems, as she doesn’t know where Hal ran off.

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