ATWT Update Wednesday 12/18/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 12/18/02

By Loretta


Alison, Aaron, Emily and Holden arrive at the farm. Margo is on her way to question Alison, so she is nervous. Margo arrives and discusses Will’s testimony about the fire and that all charges against Aaron are dropped - but Alison is a different story. Alison still may be arrested for stealing a police officer’s (Hal) keys and helping Aaron escape from jail. Alison freaks out when she learns Will may have to be handled through social services. Alison learns that since Will is at fault regarding the fire, Holden’s insurance can sue Hal and Emily. Upset, Alison runs outside and tells Aaron that things seem to be getting worst. Emily consoles Alison and tells her that she and her mom love her, no matter what Alison does. Craig arrives at the farm and asks Aaron for help with Lucy.

Rosanna and Craig sit down at Java. Rosanna tells Craig she will do anything to make sure Lucy remains in Oakdale. Rosanna tells Craig that she will no longer let her jealousies regarding Carly, cloud her relationship with him. Craig tells Rosanna that it may not be a good idea for Sierra to see them together, but Rosanna insists she will help Craig keep Lucy from going back to Montega. Rosanna suggests Craig purchase a house, which will give Lucy more of a family environment. Later, Rosanna calls her doctor and has her surgery scheduled for after the holidays.

With James looking on, Barbara tells Paul that if she goes off with James, all the charges against him will be dropped. After Paul begs Barbara to not come to court with him, Barbara tells Paul she loves him. James tells Barbara he hopes one day she will look at him with love in her eyes. With sincerity, James tells Barbara he loves her and cannot live without her, but Barbara tells James that he scares her. James says that scaring her is the only way he gets her attention. Holding Barbara close, James daydreams of him and Barbara romantically dancing in the dark to “Fascination.” Barbara breaks away from James and tells him he has gone mad.

In court, Bonnie introduces her mom (Jessica) to Marshall’s father (Oliver Travers). Mr. Travers wishes Jessica good luck in court that day. Marshall tells Jessica that despite his father’s visit and lecture, he intends to prosecute and put Paul away. Ben arrives and wishes Jessica good luck with a kiss on her cheek. Brandy’s parents arrive and ask Marshall to bring justice to their daughter’s killer. This sends Marshall into an emotional state. The judge denies Jessica’s request to question Marshall on the witness stand. After Barbara runs off, James enters the courtroom. Jessica is now confused at what to do next as she has no other witness (except Marshall) to call. The judge denies Jessica a recess. Marshall then stands up and states he would like to address the court.

After Katie unpacks her antique doll collection, Simon receives a box from Australia filled with family mementos, including a picture of him as a boy. Katie suggests that Simon and her visit the sheep farm he inherited in Australia, but Simon wants no part of it.

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