ATWT Update Tuesday 12/17/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 12/17/02

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

Holden arrives at Java with Aaron and Alison. Alison mentions that she feels guilty about Lucy’s accident. Aaron asks Alison what she meant by this statement and if it had anything to do with the accident. Alison changes the subject by telling Aaron that Lucy may not remember him, since she suffered a concussion. Aaron insists Lucy will. Emily arrives and tells Aaron and Alison that Margo needs to question them. Aaron hugs Alison and tells her she has been a good friend. Eyeing Alison after her hug from Aaron, Emily reminds her that he is taken.

Lucy wakes up to see Craig and recognizes him. Sierra arrives and warns Rosanna to stay away from Lucy. Craig insists that since Lucy is also his daughter, Rosanna can “drop by” any time she feels. Angry that Craig failed to meet her at the airport, Sierra asks him why another child of theirs was trying to run away from him and is now hospitalized. After exchanging heated words with Sierra, Craig sits alone with Rosanna. They discuss Bryant’s death. Later John tells Sierra it is not wise to move Lucy back to Montega at the moment. Sierra agrees. When Craig sits with Lucy, Aaron’s name comes up, but Lucy cannot totally remember him. When Craig tells Rosanna that Sierra wants to take Lucy back to Montega, Rosanna assures Craig she will think of something to keep Lucy in Oakdale.

While Jessica is preparing for Paul’s trial, Ben walks in on her. Smiling, Ben says he forgot how amazing she was. Jessica makes Ben coffee, they make small talk. Soon Marshall comes up in their conversation. Jessica says she must beat Marshall in court. Ben says that beating Marshall in court will not help their shattered relationship. Jessica starts to cry and tells Ben she is sorry and wants him back in her life. Angry, Ben says no. After apologizing to Jessica for his anger, Ben treats Jessica for a splinter in her hand. Jessica is touched.

Marshall arrives early in court. James greets him. James tells Marshall he is worried that he wants to be a hero for Jessica and orders Marshall to lie on the witness stand. Marshall asks James that if he does what he says, will James guarantee the return of his daughter. James says if Marshall does the right thing, he will be rewarded. After James threatens Marshall to kill him if he does not follow his directions, Marshall’s father arrives. This is the first time father and son have spoken in 15 years. Mr. Travers tells Marshall that he came to Oakdale to battle for his soul. After James leaves, Mr. Travers says that Isaac and Bonnie asked him to come. Marshall tells his dad that working for James was the only way he can locate his missing daughter. Mr. Travers tells Marshall to stand up to James. Alone in the courtroom, Marshall finds a photograph of his daughter from 1980.

At the police station, Bonnie brings coffee to Paul. Paul is upset at Jessica for having called Marshall to the witness stand. Paul insists he will not allow Jessica to represent him any longer. Barbara arrives and hears Paul announce that Jessica will never win in court. After Bonnie leaves, Barbara tells Paul she will help him avoid prison. James walks in as Barbara is telling Paul she will help him by going away with James.

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