ATWT Update Monday 12/16/02


As the World Turns Monday 12/16/02

By Loretta

Jack tells Carly that Aaron has returned to Oakdale, but Lucy has been in an accident. At the hospital, Rosanna comforts Craig. Rosanna tries to convince Craig he is a good father, after he says he ruined his 2nd chance at being a good father (to Lucy). Craig tells Rosanna that she brought life back to him when she showed up in Nashville. They kiss (as Carly watches). Rosanna sees Carly and closes the drapes. Carly arrives and gives Craig her concern for Lucy. Rosanna decides to tell Craig how Carly had a one-night stand on the night before her wedding, with her cousin’s boyfriend Mike Kassnoff at the Monte Carlo office. Disgusted, Craig asks Rosanna why she picked this time to gossip about Carly. Alone with Carly, Rosanna tells her that Monte Carlo’s assistant located a cash shortage, so immediately Rosanna calls Carly a thief and that she will inform Craig. Craig learns from Ben that Lucy awoke and is in the Intensive Care Unit. On his way to see Lucy, Lucinda tells Craig that Sierra is arriving from Montega the next morning and wants Lucy to return with her.

Aaron asks Alison what she said to Lucy before the accident but Alison lies and says she told Lucy to be sure that Holden and Craig reached Aaron before Hal did. Later Alison tells Emily how she lied to Lucy right before the accident. Emily suggests that Alison talk to Lucy. Alison sneaks into Lucy’s ICU room, but soon realizes that Lucy does not know who she is. Alison runs and tells Aaron this.

Barbara tells Emily that since she is not “family,“ she refuses to tell her where Hal took Will to. Barbara’s heated words push Emily near the edge. Having enough of Barbara’s sharp tongue, Emily slaps Barbara in the face. Margo catches this scene and breaks them up. After Barbara leaves, Emily tells Margo that Barbara is half right, as Hal does not seem to trust her any more as far as Will is concerned.

In court, Jessica calls Marshall to the witness stand. Marshall objects. Jessica tells the judge that Marshall has knowledge, which may influence her client’s case. Marshall tells the judge that he and Jessica have been involved together. Hearing all this, the judge dismisses the court until the next morning. When James threatens him, Marshall bites back and tells James that if he tries to hurt anyone else, he will resign from the D.A. office and will immediately turn up evidence against him. Before Bonnie leaves, she tells her mom (Jessica) that she was proud of the way she handled things in court this day. Alone, Marshall asks Jessica what she knows about Naya. Jessica explains how she located Naya’s death certificate, and that their daughter is alive in Rio. Marshall explains to Jessica how James has proof that his 15-year-old daughter is alive, but lives on the streets in Rio. Marshall says he owes it to his daughter to save her and must find her, therefore Jessica must drop the charges. Marshall pleads with Jessica but she refuses.

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