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As the World Turns Friday 12/13/02

By Loretta


At the church, Rosanna tells Carly that she was only pretending to be nice to her since she stole money from her and found out that Henry Coleman had proof of her one night stand. Molly and Jack leave the church, leaving Mike alone. Rosanna does not want to hear any of Carly’s pleas to be friends with her. On her way out, Rosanna tells Mike that he and Carly will soon be getting what they deserve. Carly tells Mike how she paid Henry $50,000. to keep their affair quiet and that she took the money from Monte Carlo. Mike tells Carly that Molly confided in him that Carly had an affair. Mike cannot stand to think that he may lose Molly.

James visits with Marshall in court to give him tips to follow to be sure he wins every argument and obtains victory for him. On his way out, James meets Barbara and John. James tells Barbara she is tacky for showing up on their son’s day in court with another man (John), when she is married to him. James warns John that if he does not stay away from what belongs to him (meaning Barbara), he will regret it. John tells Jimmie (James) that if he crosses his path, James will be calling 911. Later John learns from Lucinda that Lucy was hurt in an accident, so he arranges for Lucy’s care.

After Alison blurts out that she started a small fire in order to make Aaron become a hero, Lucy hysterically asks her how she could have done such a thing. Lucy runs to get Aaron. As Hal is escorting Aaron off, Holden and Craig tell Hal that Will admitted that Aaron did not start the fire. Hal does not believe them. As Lucy runs to speak to Aaron, she is hit by a trolley bus. Alison arrives and sees Lucy on the ground unconscious, surrounded by Craig, Holden, Aaron, and Hal.

After visiting Will, Paul arrives back at the police station. Isaac is there and tells Jessica that he spoke with Mr. Travers and found out that Naya had died, but Marshall still visits Rio for some reason. Paul’s trial begins with opening arguments by Marshall, who says how the name James Stenbeck strikes fear in every Oakdale citizen, but Mr. Stenbeck is in the courtroom, and apparently everyone seems safe. Marshall says the real killer is not James but Paul Stenbeck. Jessica next presents her opening arguments, stating how Brandy was found dead in a Dracula costume, the opened window which the killer could easily have fled from and how Paul is a law abiding citizen. Marshall calls Lisa, Kim, Margo and then Emily to the witness stand. Forced to talk about her past, Emily says how Paul did try to kill his father (James) years ago but in order to protect her. Isaac brings Jessica a copy of Naya’s death certificate, but none turns up for her daughter, indicating she is alive in Rio, which may prove that James may be threatening Marshall’s daughter. After this, Jessica asks Marshall if he is prepared to drop all charges against Paul. Marshall refuses. Jessica suddenly calls Marshall to the witness stand.

After getting a phone call from Craig about Lucy’s accident, Rosanna rushes to Oakdale Memorial to be with him. Rosanna stays with Craig who is at Lucy’s bedside. Ben tells Craig he has ordered more tests for Lucy. Alison arrives and meets up with her sister Emily. Aaron tries to question Alison on why Lucy was running so fast to speak to him. Barbara arrives back at the hospital and learns that Craig’s daughter was in an accident. Barbara finds Hal and tells him how Will admitted to playing with matches in the barn. Will is wheeled back in his room and reunited with his dad (Hal). Emily sees Barbara and asks where Hal is. Barbara only says that Hal left and took Will with him.

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