ATWT Update Thursday 12/12/02


As the World Turns Thursday 12/12/02

By Loretta


Lucy, worried sick about Aaron, asks some students if they have seen Aaronís friend Brady. Lucy finds out that Brady cut his classes this day. Aaron, hitchhiking all the way from Memphis, arrives at Washington University in St. Louis, and meets up with Brady. Aaron updates Brady on all that has happened. Brady gives Aaron money. Aaron tells him he will stay in St. Louis, get a job and look for a place to stay. When Aaron phones Lucy and tells her where he is, Lucy tells him to stay there so Holden and Craig will get him before Hal does. Just then Hal arrives and orders Aaron to come with him. After Craig and Holden leave to get Aaron, Lucy gets into a fight with Alison. Lucy mentions how she and Aaron made love. This upsets Alison, who blurts out that she burned the barn.

Will leaves a phone message for his dad (Hal). While John checks on Will, Barbara arrives with some pancakes for Will. Will asks to see Paul but Barbara says Paul is out of town. Barbara then calls Emma and asks her to bring Luke to visit with Will. Margo has Paul temporarily released from jail, so he can have a comforting chat with Will. Paul arrives at the hospital with Tom and Margo, who assures Barbara she will not interrogate little Will. Will hugs Paul, and tells him he is afraid he is going to jail. Paul assures Will he wonít go to jail, which leads Paul to explain that he is currently in jail, regarding a matter with James Stenbeck. Paul advises Will to always tell the truth, no matter what his mom (Barbara) says. Luke arrives with cookies baked by his grandma (Emma). Will apologizes to Luke for breaking his model plane and starting the fire. Luke tells Will he doesnít think he started the fire. On their way home, Luke tells his grandma (Emma) there is no way Will could have started the fire.

Rosanna meets up with Henry at the Lakeview while he flaunts lots of cash in his hand. Rosanna remembers seeing similar cash the other day when she visited Carly at Monte Carlo. Henry says he got this money from a client. Rosanna insists that Henry got the money from Carly, who paid him to keep her affair quiet, once Henry found proof. Rosanna tells Henry if this is true, she will come and get him.

Before they head to Jack Jr.ís christening, Mike and Molly have coffee at Alís. Molly tells Mike that Carly told her she hates looking at the baby. Molly hesitates, but then tells Mike that Carly had a drunken one-night stand the night before her wedding. Seeing the surprised look on Mikeís face, Molly tells him that he should not hate Carly for this. As Jack and Carly arrive at the church, Carly lovingly holds little Jack Jr. Soon Mike and Molly (the godparents) arrive. After the ceremony, Rosanna arrives and sarcastically says the ceremony was touching. Thinking that Rosannaís illness is the reason for her visit, Carly tells Rosanna that she did not tell anyone about her illness. Rosanna says this is not the reason she is here. Rosanna tells Carly that she knows she paid Henry Coleman to keep quiet about her one night stand when Henry got proof of it. Rosanna says Henry was holding the same cash she saw hanging around Monte Carlo the other day. Carly warns Rosanna to stay away from her. Rosanna feels Carly embezzled money from her (the $50,000). Rosanna says when she checks the accounting books and finds out Carly stole money from her, she will hang her.

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