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As the World Turns Wednesday 12/11/02

By Loretta


Jack mentions to Carly that he and Parker ran into Rosanna at Alís Diner the previous night. Carly tells a shocked Jack that she will phone Rosanna. Carly phones Rosanna and suggests they meet at Alís. Jack tells Carly he admires her great attitude but questions why she still has a queasy stomach. Carly arrives at Alís and asks Rosanna about her illness. Rosanna tells Carly she must have a hysterectomy as she has fibroid tumors, which pose a cancer threat. Carly says she is sorry. Rosanna starts to cry and says she did not want to cry in front of her (Carly). Carly tells Rosanna how she canít get herself to love little Jack Jr. and the stress this has been causing. Rosanna tells Carly she looks ill. Carly suggests that she and Rosanna consider a temporary truce. Rosanna agrees and starts to cry. Carly tells her she will get her through her surgery and take care of her. Carly takes Rosannaís hand.

Marshall tells Jessica to discourage Isaac and Bonnie from digging into his past as it is too dangerous. Jessica tells Marshall she hates him and he should prepare to lose Paulís case. After Marshall leaves, Margo arrives and sits with Jessica. Crying, Jessica tells Margo that her life is ruined, as Ben wants nothing to do with her. Margo reminds Jessica of what she went through with Emily and Tomís affair, so she says Jessica can get through it. Margo says she must fight for Ben.

Kim approaches Ben while he is yelling at a nurse regarding Willís medications. Kim tells Ben he has been behaving strangely and asks what is wrong. Ben tells Kim that he broke up with Jessica. Ben later apologizes to the nurse for his rude behavior. Later Jessica arrives with Benís address book, which he left, at her house. Jessica tries to talk to him but Ben says she is wasting her time. Jessica tells him that she made a mistake but it does not change the way she feels about him. Ben says he cannot forget watching the tape of Jessica and Marshall having sex. Jessica begs Marshall to give her another chance but Ben says it is too late.

In Atlanta, Bonnie and Isaac visit with Marshallís father who at first tells them to leave. Bonnie explains Paulís situation and that they feel James Stenbeck is controlling Marshall. They explain they need to find out what James is holding over Marshall. Mr. Travers says he has not spoken to his son in years. When Isaac mentions the name Naya, Mr. Travers states that Naya is dead. Mr. Travers explains that Naya became pregnant by Marshall while they were in college. Marshall started working for high profile clients and the large amount of money he made, went to his head. Marshall soon felt that a marriage and a baby did not suit him, so Naya went back to Brazil and was killed in an auto accident. Afterwards Marshall fell apart. Since then Marshall has only taken cases in which he helps wealthy clients keep from going to prison for their crimes. Bonnie and Isaac thank Mr. Travers and leave.

James tells Marshall at the Lakeview that he never instructed him to steal the videotape from him. Marshall reminds James that he left the tape out, so he took it and gave it to Jessica, who destroyed it. James warns Marshall that he does not want ďa hopeless romanticĒ working for him. Marshall says that he and Jessica are no longer an issue and he expects to convict Paul. James tells Marshall that while he loves Barbara, he will not risk incarceration to get her back,. James warns Marshall that if he does not come through for him, he will put a bullet in his head.

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