ATWT Update Tuesday 12/10/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 12/10/02

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda

Simon arrives home with a pizza and finds Katie absorbed in a book. Katie tells Simon she found a diary in the house, which belonged to a woman who lived in their house over 100 years ago. Katie explains the woman, named Kathryn, had a sweetheart named Sam and that this couple is just like them. Katie fantasizes how Sam proposed to Kathryn in their house (built by Sam). After Simon reads the diary, Katie fantasizes that Sam is leaving Kathryn to go find a fortune with Hank (Henry Coleman). Simon receives a delivery informing him that his uncle has left him a sheep farm. Katie says there is no way they will become sheep farmers. Later Simon dims the lights and makes love to Katie. While sleeping, Katie dreams that Sam is leaving for Australia without Kathryn. Katie awakens and says that Simon will never leave her.

Henry calls on Carly to ask her if the cash she gave him contains marked bills. Carly says no, but will not tell him where she obtained the $50,000. Henry guesses that the money came from Monte Carlo. Jack decides to take Parker out for ice cream. Alone in the house, Carly considers having an abortion, but changes her mind when Emma visits and brings along the Snyder christening dress which was made by Emma’s mother. Emma says this christening dress (which Jack Jr. will wear the next day) is a celebration of life. Emma then asks Carly to call Rosanna as she is ill and needs her sister. Carly recalls how the day before, Rosanna questioned why there was $5000. cash lying around Monte Carlo, so she decides she should try and be friends with her sister.

Rosanna arrives at the diner and orders their most disgusting ice cream concoction. Jack and Parker arrive and sit with Rosanna. Jack notices how great Rosanna is with little Parker and asks her if she will have children in the future. Parker digs into Rosanna’s ice cream. After asking Jack if he is sure that Carly keeps no secrets from him, Rosanna leaves.

Will tells Margo that Aaron did not start the fire and admits that he took the matches out of Aaron‘s backpack. As Will remembers holding the matches, Barbara interrupts and tells Margo she wants a lawyer present. Since Marshall Travers is now the D.A., Barbara selects Tom as her lawyer. Tom arrives and explains to Will about the fire questioning. When Margo continues her questioning, Will admits he lit a match but can’t remember if he started the fire or not. Alone with his mother (Barbara), Will apologizes.

Craig sits with Aaron, Lucy and Alison while Holden books a flight for them out of Memphis. Hal soon knocks on the door demanding to arrest Aaron. Holden tells Hal he will not release his son to him. Aaron decides to make a run for it, so he escapes out the bathroom window. After Hal threatens to bring in the Memphis police to back him up, Holden agrees to get Aaron, but finds out he escaped once again. Craig gets a call from Margo informing him that Will woke up from the coma and admitted that Aaron did not start the fire. Hal overhears Lucy tell Craig and Holden that Aaron is headed for St. Louis to see his friend Brady. When Lucy mentions that Will possibly started the fire, Alison gets a strange look on her face.

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