ATWT Update Monday 12/9/02


As the World Turns Monday 12/9/02

By Loretta

Bonnie asks Marshall what James is holding over him? When Bonnie brings up the name “Naya,” Marshall finally admits that they went to college together but they have not seen each other in years. Bonnie tells Marshall that she and Isaac intend to “bring him down.”

A tearful Jessica tells Ben she never meant to hurt him and that “this mistake” made her realize she loves him more. Ben will have no part of Jessica’s apology. Angry Ben tells Jessica she insulted him and asks her why she didn’t come to him first with the truth. Before he leaves Ben tells Jessica that he does not want to spend the rest of his life with a woman he cannot trust. Jessica tells Isaac that Ben walked out on her and she does not blame him or the way Isaac feels towards her, but she admits she loves Ben. Jessica asks Isaac to tell Ben that she loves him. Isaac says he will not, as his brother needs time to heal. Bonnie arrives and hugs her mom (Jessica). Bonnie feels that since she lied to Isaac about her mom and Ben, he wants to break up with her. Isaac apologetically tells Bonnie that he did not give her the chance to tell the truth. They hug. Bonnie tells Isaac that she went to see Marshall and that he did admit to knowing a woman named “Naya.” After Isaac tells Bonnie that he tried talking to Marshall’s father in Atlanta, Bonnie suggests they visit him in person.

Will wakes up with Emily at his side and asks where his dad (Hal) is. Immediately Barbara is at Will’s side, but Will only asks about his dad. Susan arrives to examine Will. Ben arrives also and orders tests for Will. Emily tells Barbara that she left Hal a message that Will woke up. Not missing a chance to be nasty to Emily, Barbara tells her that she thinks Emily tried to force a confession out of Will. Emily reminds Barbara that when Will woke up, he did not ask to see her (Barbara). Emily leaves to phone Margo. Margo arrives to question Will but is stopped by Barbara. Margo totes Barbara outside and tells her she can stay in the room while Will is questioned, but to keep her mouth shut.

Rosanna tells Emma that she must have a hysterectomy due to the benign fibroid tumors, which pose a cancer threat. Rosanna explains her doctor tried many different therapies, but none have helped. In tears, Rosanna says all she ever wanted was to have children and it is not fair that her sister Carly has one child after another. Emma encourages Rosanna to adopt children and strongly suggests that Rosanna make up with Carly, as they need each other. Rosanna says Carly hates her and won’t even let her see Parker. After more convincing from Emma, Rosanna agrees to go see Carly.

Henry pays a visit to Carly and reminds her to give him $50,000. or he will reveal to Rosanna and Jack that she cheated on Jack and she is pregnant with Mike’s baby. Henry gives Carly 24 hours to get him the cash. Carly agrees and heads off to Monte Carlo where she removes $50,000. from the safe. Carly now tells herself she is a thief. Rosanna arrives and says she has some health problems, which may be genetic. Rosanna hesitantly tells Carly that she does not blame her for hating her. Seeing a large amount of cash sitting on a table, Rosanna asks Carly what is it for? Carly says it is to pay a vendor. Carly tells Rosanna she does not mean to brush her off but she is in a hurry to do some errands. Hurt, Rosanna says she knows Carly does not care about her. Rosanna leaves. Later that day Henry arrives and picks up the $50,000. from Carly.

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