ATWT Update Friday 12/6/02


As the World Turns Friday 12/6/02

By Loretta
Pictures by Amanda
proofread by Brianne


After fleeing the rain at Rhodes College, Aaron and Lucy discover they have 25 cents left. Lucy holds a “will work for food” sign. A couple approaches them and the girl asks Aaron if he can fix cars. Aaron agrees to look at her car. Alison comes upon a fund raiser in progress at the college and offers a student advice on how to make more money. Alison tells this student (who sits in a dunking booth) that he needs to insult the crowd, in order to get the students to buy tickets to dunk him. After asking the student to get her and her friends hot dogs, Alison herself climbs inside the dunking booth and insults the crowd. Lucy arrives and can’t resist tossing a ball at Alison and dunking her. Aaron arrives with $50.00 he got for fixing Ruthie’s car. Just then Craig and Holden arrive. Holden tells the teens that they have evidence that proves Aaron did not start the fire. The teens go off with Craig and Holden. Hal shows up at the college and is told by Ruthie’s boyfriend that the teens are on campus.

Rosanna gets some test results from her gynecologist. On their way to the doctor’s office, Carly and Emily meet Rosanna. In a matter of seconds, the ladies trade insults. Carly tells Rosanna to keep Henry Coleman and his blackmail games away from her. Rosanna tells her that Henry can do whatever he pleases. Carly tells Rosanna she needs to stop her bitterness. After her appointment Carly tells Emily she is pregnant. Emily is thrilled for her friend. After Carly leaves, Emily asks Barbara that if Hal calls her, can she ask him to come home. Barbara says she will not, she wants Hal to find Aaron. Later Emily sits alone with Will, who wakes up from his coma. Rosanna meets with Emma at the diner and tells her that she is scheduled for surgery, one which will leave her unable  to have children. Carly is paid a visit from Henry who holds in his hand the result strip from her home pregnancy test.

Mike arrives at the diner to have breakfast and sees a drunk Ben sitting in a booth. Ben tells Mike that Jessica lied and betrayed him. Mike advises Ben that people make mistakes and to give his situation some time. Ben says no way and realizes that his brother Isaac must have known about Jessica’s affair all this time and did not tell him. Mike drives Ben to Java Underground. Ben immediately attacks Isaac and accuses him that he knew all along about Jessica’s affair. Isaac said he thought they were having an affair, but did not know for sure. Ben feels the whole world is laughing at him, and he says he will beat up Marshall. Jessica arrives and speaks to Ben. Ben coldly tells her this is the last conversation they will ever have.

Isaac tells Bonnie that apparently Marshall left his ex-girlfriend in Rio, the same time he met James Stenbeck. Bonnie gets a call from her mom who tells her that Ben knows about her affair. Arriving at the Lakeview, Bonnie consoles her mom (Jessica) but also wants to know if she is still having an affair with Marshall. Jessica says no, that she only went to see Marshall to get the tape back. Jessica then produces the tape for Bonnie, who tears it to shreds. Jessica tells Bonnie how Marshall played this tape for Ben and that Marshall got what he wanted: to hurt Ben. Jessica, crying, says it is all over for her and Ben. Afterwards Bonnie goes up to Marshall’s room and asks him what he was up to with James in Rio six months ago. Bonnie brings up the name of Naya, Marshall’s girlfriend in Boston who went home to Rio after dropping out of college. Naya seems to ring a bell with Marshall.

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