ATWT Update Thursday 12/5/02


As the World Turns Thursday 12/5/02

By Loretta

Carly asks God to make the results of her home pregnancy test be wrong. Before Jack goes off to work, he offers to go with Carly to her doctor’s appointment, but Carly says no. While sleeping, Carly has a dream in which she is pregnant. Jack tells her that he can’t understand how she became pregnant, since they used birth control. Jack then feels they have been blessed. Rosanna is there to deliver Carly’s baby, while Craig holds the birth certificate form, asking who the father is. After Rosanna yells at Carly to push, out comes the baby, who looks like Mike. Carly wakes up from this dream in a frenzy. The door bell rings and it is Henry who tells Carly that if she does not pay him $50,000. he will reveal that she had a one-night stand with Mike. Carly throws him out.

Craig receives an unexpected visit from Rosanna in his motel room. Rosanna tells Craig she needs to have sex, then asks him if he is interested. Craig immediately takes Rosanna up on this offer. After they make love, Craig tells Rosanna his concerns about Lucy. Rosanna receives a reminder message from her gynecologist that she has an appointment the next day. Craig senses that Rosanna is not acting like herself, so he asks her what is wrong. Rosanna says her problem can wait. After Craig is informed by Holden that the kids may be nearby, Rosanna leaves.

Emily gets a call from Alison who tells her that living on the road is not what it is cracked up to be and that Lucy and Aaron’s behavior is getting on her nerves. Emily tells Alison that the police have evidence which can prove that Aaron did not start the fire. Emily begs Alison to come home but Alison hangs up. Emily goes to the police station and tells Jack that Alison called from some place in Memphis, near a billboard of Elvis. At Emily’s request, Jack agrees to call Holden and Craig with this information.

After making love with Aaron, Lucy tells him she feels different, but closer to him. After they get dressed, Lucy asks Aaron to not let Alison know that they made love. Aaron agrees. Aaron tells Lucy he wanted their first time to be special, and would have preferred it to not happen in a barn. Lucy insists it was special. Alison shows up in a crabby mood.

After telling Marshall she will do anything to get the tape, Jessica and Marshall kiss. They make an attempt to be intimate, but Jessica’s heart is not in it, so they stop. Marshall tells Jessica that she went to bed with him because she wanted a taste of evil. After Marshall and Jessica exchange heated words, Jessica prepares to leave his room. Upon opening the door, she meets Ben. Marshall tells Ben that Jessica wanted a tape from him. Marshall plays the tape for Ben to watch. An angry Ben shuts off the tape and saying nothing, walks out the door. Marshall explains to Jessica that he had the tape all this time, but he wanted to see how far Jessica would go to protect Bonnie. Jessica replies that Marshall did this because he must win (referring to Paul’s trial). Jessica tells Marshall that their “relationship” is over and if he thinks she was good in bed, she will be even better in court.

At the Lakeview, Henry is paid a visit from a woman named Magda, who apparently knows that Mike Kassnoff was the man who was with Carly Tenney the night before her wedding. Henry offers Magda 60% of the payment money if she will offer proof of this.

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