ATWT Update Wednesday 12/4/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 12/4/02

By Loretta


At night the teens come upon an empty barn. Lucy suggests they all spend the night there. This angers Alison and she runs off herself. Alone in the car crying and wishing she had Emily to talk to, Alison decides to take off. Alone with Aaron in the barn, Lucy says she is ready to make love. Aaron asks Lucy if she is sure, as he does not want to push her. When Lucy announces that they have no birth control protection, Aaron pulls out a condom. A depressed Alison phones Emily.

At the Lakeview, Katie and Simon plan to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Katie suggests she and Simon tell each other their most memorable moment in their yearlong marriage. Katie tells Simon hers was when she saw his face after her surgery. Katie again apologizes to Simon for not telling him about the surgery beforehand. They kiss. Simon decides him and Katie should celebrate their anniversary by going for a ride in their convertible car. On their way out Katie and Simon run into Emily who tells them her concerns for Hal and Alison. Emily gets a call from Alison.

Jessica arrives at the police station and asks Margo how she could have allowed Bonnie to bribe Marshall with evidence. Alone with Bonnie, Jessica (her mother) reprimands her for taking on Marshall herself and orders her daughter to back off. Bonnie tells Jessica that Ben is close to finding out about her (Jessica) affair with Marshall. Bonnie says she must get the tape away from Marshall so they can get back to a normal life. Jessica says no, she will figure out a way to make all this stop. Bonnie apologizes to Jessica for worrying her so. They hug.

Barbara arrives with John at Java Underground. Barbara mentions to Isaac that Bonnie was at Fairwinds on Thanksgiving night. Lisa approaches Isaac about his problems with Bonnie. Lisa tells Isaac that he must not let Bonnie get away. Ben arrives at Java and tells Lisa that Marshall denied having an affair with Bonnie. Soon Ben gets a call notifying him that Marshall currently has a female visitor in his room. When Bonnie arrives, Barbara thanks her for helping her with James at Fairwinds the other night. Barbara tells Isaac and Bonnie that James met Marshall in Rio. Alone, Isaac and Bonnie make up and hug.

Ben pays a visit to Marshall and tells him he knows that he was having an affair with Bonnie. Marshall says Ben is crazy to think this. Marshall says that he and Jessica were trying to protect Bonnie from her involvement in the Paul Ryan case. On his way out, Ben pays a hotel clerk money to inform him when Marshall has a female visitor. Jessica arrives at Marshall’s room and tells him she will do anything to get that tape back.

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