ATWT Update Tuesday 12/3/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 12/3/02

By Loretta

Paul expresses his concern about his weak testimony being presented in front of a jury, but Jessica tells him she will be sure not to put him on the witness stand. Margo tells Paul and Jessica that a piece of James’ cape was found by Bonnie. Later Marshall arrives and tells Jessica and Margo that Bonnie just approached him about exchanging a piece of evidence for the tape and if she continues with this behavior, he will have her arrested. Alone with Jessica, Marshall warns her to keep Bonnie away from anything having to do with James. Jessica immediately calls Bonnie and orders her to come over at once.

Ben watches Marshall and Bonnie’s heated discussion. Marshal warns Bonnie once again to stay away from him and James Stenbeck. Marshall rejects Bonnie’s offer to trade the piece of James’ cape for the tape. After Marshall walks off, Ben approaches Bonnie and asks her if she has been cheating on Isaac with Marshall. Bonnie assures him she has not. When Ben tells Bonnie that he is worried about his relationship with Jessica (her mom), Bonnie reminds him that Jessica loves him very much. Still at the Lakeview, Ben pays a clerk money to get the room number of Marshall.

Rosanna visits with Emma at the farm. Emma reminds Rosanna that since she doesn’t have much family, she should settle her differences with Carly, but Rosanna says that will never happen. As Emma is updating Rosanna on the Snyder’s, Carly comes up in their conversation. Rosanna cannot pass up this opportunity to criticize Carly. Near tears, Rosanna tells Emma that she has much more going for her than her sister. Rosanna explains to Emma how much Craig means to her. Seeing her sadness, Emma tells Rosanna that she misses the positive and optimistic Rosanna. After Rosanna gets done brushing little Faith’s hair, she gets a hug from the child. This gets Rosanna emotional and she leaves in tears.

Molly tells Mike she isn’t sure if she wants more children since she has had so much taken away from her: having Abigail taken away from her at birth, losing Jake, then the twins. Mike tells Molly that he understands.

Carly tells Emily that the baby she is carrying may not be Jack’s. Emily quickly criticizes her, causing Carly to snap back at her. After Carly apologizes to Emily, she explains she had a drunken one-night stand when she thought she had lost Jack. Carly refuses to tell Emily whom she shared that drunken night with. Emily makes a doctor appointment for Carly. As Jack arrives home with the baby, Mike and Molly, Jack learns that Carly has a doctor appointment. Carly explains she is going for her “stomach thing.” Concerned at Carly’s odd behavior, Molly insists she will accompany her to the doctor. Jack asks Mike and Molly to be Jack Jr.’s godparents.

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