ATWT Update Monday 12/2/02


As the World Turns Monday 12/2/02

By Loretta

At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, the teens ask to join a party. Recognizing them as the Oakdale Three, a student eagerly agrees to have them join in. Also at this university are Holden and Craig who have no success asking students if they’ve seen the teens. Right on the teens’ trail is Hal who is spotted by Alison. When Hal tries to handcuff Aaron, several students lift Hal up off the ground, allowing Aaron, Lucy and Alison to run off. As the kids are making a run for it, Holden and Craig spot them, but the kids’ speed away in the car.

When Molly tells Mike they will soon have a little visitor, Mike assumes Molly is pregnant. Molly tells Mike that the little visitor is Jackie Jr., who they will watch for the afternoon. Realizing the baby has no formula, Molly runs to get Jack, leaving Mike with Jackie Jr. When Molly returns she is touched to find Mike holding Jackie Jr. and reading him a story. Molly is amused to see Mike bonding with the baby. Mike asks Molly if she would like to have another child.

Lisa drops by to chat with Ben and mentions that she hopes Bonnie is not “involved” with Marshall Travers. This statement gets Ben thinking about Jessica. Jessica arrives at the police station and tells Marshall how their witness (Mr. Porter) was scared into lying that he saw James at the Lakeview. Marshall tries to tell Jessica that he is doing what he is for a good reason, but Jessica does not buy it. Bonnie arrives at the station with a piece of James’ Dracula cape. Bonnie shows it to Margo and tells her that she wishes to trade Marshall the cape for the tape. Margo agrees to allow Bonnie to approach Marshall with this evidence, but insists on giving Bonnie 24 hours surveillance. Shortly Bonnie tells Marshall to meet her at the Lakeview. With James’ cape in her hand, Bonnie tells Marshall she will trade the cape for the tape. As Marshall is trying to tell Bonnie to stay out of James’ affairs, he grabs her arm. Ben sees this.

After Jack goes off to court, Carly is apprehensive about performing a home pregnancy test. After Emily explains about her problems with Hal, Emily convinces Carly to do the test. Carly is pregnant, but she asks Emily to not say a word to Jack or anyone. Emily promises but tells Carly she knows she is hiding something. Jack arrives home and announces that they now have temporary custody of Jack Jr. Jack wants to have a christening party for the baby to celebrate. Alone with Carly, Emily asks her to tell her the truth about her pregnancy. At first Carly says she is not ready for another baby, since Monte Carlo has just gotten off the ground and Jack Jr. is now in their lives. After some prodding from Emily, Carly tells Emily that the baby may not be Jack’s. Emily is shocked.

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