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As the World Turns Wednesday 11/27/02

By Loretta

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Emily surprises Hal in Nashville. Emily says she has come to take him home with her. Hal apologizes to her for not calling. Emily explains to Hal how worried she has been about Alison. Hal puts down Aaron for allowing Alison to help him escape from jail, then takes off with another girl (Lucy) and leaves Alison flat. Emily tries to mention that Aaron may be innocent, but Hal is convinced that Will told the truth. Hal begins to ignore Emily and tells her he has paper work to do. Emily tells Hal that his search for the kids is ridiculous and he should come home tonight with her. Upset, Emily explains Will also needs him. Seeing that she is getting no where, a hurt Emily tells Hal that if he does not come home with her this evening, their marriage may be in for trouble.

Carrying groceries inside Fairwinds, Barbara finds James with an already cooked Thanksgiving dinner. James tells Barbara he hopes she is hungry, cause he is. After Barbara backs away from James’ kisses, Marshall Travers comes up in their conversation. James tells Barbara that Marshall takes orders from him. Barbara tells James that if he convinces her that Marshall is under his control and Paul will be freed, she may consider going away with him. James tells Barbara that she is asking lots of questions about Marshall. James playfully feels Barbara for wires. After James kisses Barbara, she tells him she can’t do this with him as she is in love with John. James doesn’t believe her. Now angry, James breaks a glass and tells Barbara that if she does not tell him who put her up to this, he’ll wreck her face. The doorbell rings so Barbara runs off to answer it while James disappears. It is Bonnie who finds James’ Dracula cape tossed in the fireplace.

Nancy, Kim, Bob, and Lisa arrive at Jessica’s for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as Isaac, who ignores Jessica. Bonnie tells Jessica that Isaac knows about her affair with Marshall and wants to tell Ben. Bonnie expresses her concern, as this will also hurt her relationship with Isaac. Isaac suddenly makes loud, angry comments about Marshall Travers and how any woman who would get involved with him is a low life. After Tom, Margo and Daniel arrive, Ben asks Isaac why he is acting strange. Isaac apologizes to his brother and says he is just on edge. After everyone is seated for dinner, Bob makes his annual Thanksgiving speech. Bonnie announces she is leaving to take Paul some turkey. On her way out the door, she has a fight with Isaac about Jessica and her secret. Bonnie rushes off to Fairwinds after Paul tells her that his mom (Barbara) is dining with James, who forced her to marry him in Singapore. Sensing Isaac is upset with Bonnie, Jessica tells him that her heart belongs to Ben.

Molly and Mike arrive at the Snyder farm and greet Jack and Carly. Emma is fussing over Jackie Jr. A grouchy Carly manages to help Emma with some cooking, assisted by Mike. Alone, Carly tells Mike she is tired of lying to the people she loves. Mike says he feels like a traitor when he is with Molly. Carly starts to cry in Mike’s arms when Jack and Molly arrive back in the kitchen. Jack asks what is going on, but automatically feels Carly’s crying is due to Julia. When Molly takes Carly outside, Carly explains that she has been so upset with Julia. Carly shocks Molly by telling her she hates Jack’s baby. Back in the kitchen Mike and Jack slice up a huge squash, which will be cooked later by Emma. When Emma leaves to check on some food, she hands the baby to Carly, who gets upset and hands the baby to Molly. Carly runs outside. After consoling Carly, Molly asks her if she is pregnant. Back in the kitchen Emma gets a phone call from Holden. Everyone sits down to dinner and says Grace, while Carly hopes she is not pregnant.

The teens enter a church to hopefully eat some turkey dinner. A priest who welcomes them to have dinner greets them. Alison calls him Father Smiley, as she does not trust him. The kids enjoy their dinner, especially Alison who asks for more cranberry sauce. When the priest sits at their table, the kids realize he recognizes them, but he assures them he will not call the police.