ATWT Update Tuesday 11/26/02

As the World Turns Tuesday 11/26/02

By Loretta

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While on their way to Vanderbilt University, Lucy expresses her concern that Hal may be getting close to them. Aaron tells Lucy and Alison about Thanksgiving back at the Snyder farm. Homesick, Lucy suggests they call home to let everyone know they are all right. Alison states she is tired of eating burgers and chicken nuggets, so Aaron stops to get some food, but sends Alison for it. Alone with Aaron, Lucy tells him she thinks about being close to him all the time. They kiss and steam up the windows. Alison returns with food and complains how Lucy and Aaron’s smooching is making her sick.

Emily arrives at Carly’s while Jack gives the officers instructions on the search for Julia. Carly tells Emily that the past few days have been a nightmare and that Julia has run off again. Emily tells Carly that she is lonesome for Hal and he never returns her phone calls. Emily feels Hal should be in Oakdale protecting her from James and she is afraid she will lose him. Emily goes on how Aaron, Alison and Lucy are afraid of Hal and that is why they ran away. Carly snaps and tells her that she should fix her problem with Hal herself. After apologizing, Carly says she is afraid she will never learn to love Jack’s baby. Margo arrives and hears this. Margo tells Carly how when she first learned that Daniel (from Tom’s affair with Emily) was coming into her life, she was not sure she could handle it, but now she loves Daniel very much. Later, Carly and Jack learn that Julia flew off to Turkey. When Emily learns where Hal is from Margo, she says she is going to find him and bring him home. A queasy Carly vomits.

Isaac asks Bonnie what she meant when she said that Jessica hopes to be rid of Marshall. Bonnie says she meant her mom (Jessica) would be glad to get Marshall off her back. Isaac knows Bonnie is lying. Ben arrives and hugs Jessica. Alone with Bonnie, Isaac asks her what secret is she hiding about Jessica?

After hearing Mr. Porter explain that he is uncertain if he saw James at the Lakeview on Halloween night, Jessica reminds Marshall that it is a crime to tamper with a witness. Jessica tells Marshall to stop letting James control him. Marshall announces to Margo and Jessica that James is no longer a suspect in the Brandy murder case, so he will be released. James warns Margo that if she continues to harass him, he will sue the police department. On his way out, James gets a call from Barbara asking him to meet her at the Lakeview. Jessica visits with Paul in jail to inform him that Mr. Porter suddenly was uncertain if he saw James at the Lakeview on Halloween night. Paul mentions that he is glad Rose is safe in Italy, but also says he did not tell her that he is in jail.

Before John flies out to spend Thanksgiving with Andy, he meets Barbara at the Lakeview. Barbara tells John that she hopes to dine with James for the holiday so she can get close to him and he will reveal to her what his connection to Marshall is. After John tells Barbara she will be having turkey with the devil, James arrives. Pretending he had an argument with Barbara, John leaves. Barbara is pleased to learn from James that Paul would rather stay in jail than see her go live with James. Barbara invites James to come to Fairwinds to spend Thanksgiving with her. Barbara says she’ll cook him dinner. Kissing her on the cheek, James tells her he will carve. Later on, Barbara visits Paul in jail and tells him she was touched to hear (from James) that he chose to stay in jail, than see her go off with James. Barbara tells Paul she will help him by getting close to James. Paul hugs his mother (Barbara).