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As the World Turns Monday 11/25/02

By Loretta

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Aaron, Lucy and Alison are running low on cash, but are able to make some money by selling school spirit items to students. While soliciting these items, Lucy sees Hal. Lucy runs and tells Aaron and Alison that Hal is close by. A student helps them to “blend in” by painting their faces green and they manage to escape Hal once again.

Isaac tells Paul that they must find out what James is holding over Marshall, so it can be used against them. Isaac informs Paul about his recent car accident and how the breaks had been tampered with. Bonnie asks Paul if he thinks his mother (Barbara) could help them, but Paul tells them he is not sure of her trust. Later Bonnie and Isaac visit Barbara at the hospital. Isaac tells Barbara that they need to establish a connection between Marshall and James, in order to drive Marshall out of the D.A.’s office, and prosecute James for his crimes. Isaac asks Barbara if she can find out what James has over Marshall by getting close to him again. Barbara hesitates, then agrees to help. At Java later on, Bonnie mentions to Isaac that she hopes her mom (Jessica) will soon be rid of Marshall. This makes Isaac ask Bonnie what she meant by this.

At the police station, Marshall tells James he will charge him for the kidnappings of Rose, Emily and Carly since Barbara agreed to testify against him. James insists Barbara will never do that. Marshall tells James to leave Oakdale or he will prosecute him. James tells Marshall to go ahead. James opens the door, inviting Margo to question him. Marshall tells Margo that James is not a suspect in the Brandy murder case. Annoyed at Marshall, Margo begins asking James where he was on Halloween night. James explains it was his birthday, so he was at Fairwinds waiting to celebrate it with Barbara, but she never showed up. Margo tells James that he has no alibi for that night, but Marshall inputs that any charges against James will not come from his office. Mr. Porter, the employee who spoke with James at the Lakeview on Halloween night, is brought in for questioning, but when asked by Margo if he saw James that night, Mr. Porter says no. Unable to hold James any longer at the police station, James is released. After Margo furiously leaves the room, James states that Margo has not been the same since her liver surgery. Jessica is angry with Marshall for letting James get away.

In court, Carly asks Julia what she did with Dr. Weiskoff? Julia insists she would never hurt anyone, as she is a changed woman. Jack finds Dr. Weiskoff drugged and gagged. Carly phones Jack and is informed about Dr. Weiskoff. Carly then tells the judge how Julia drugged Dr. Weiskoff, then she brings up Julia’s violent past. Hearing all this, Julia pretends to faint. After Dr. Weiskoff awakens, Jack manages to get him to the courthouse, while Julia slips away. Dr. Weiskoff explains to the judge how Julia had hit him on the head and drugged him; therefore she is a danger to society and needs to be institutionalized. Julia’s lawyers inform the court that she has vanished. Jack and Carly arrive home accompanied by some officers. Alone in the house, Carly is greeted by Julia, who holds a baby. When Carly asks Julia what her plan was, Julia explains she intended to have Jack’s baby so it would ruin her marriage, just like Carly ruined Julia’s marriage to Jack. Before Julia leaves, she tosses the baby to Carly and runs off. Carly finds out the baby is not Jack Jr., but a raw turkey. Carly screams. When Jack arrives, Carly tells him that Julia had just been there. Robert (the nurse) arrives home safely with the baby.