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As the World Turns Friday 11/15/02

By Loretta

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Carly tells Jack that if she snores, its telling him how much she loves him. Julia arrives uninvited with pictures of Jack with the baby. Julia explains the need for bonding between Jack and the baby. After Julia shows Jack the pictures he took with the baby, Carly explodes, calling Julia a witch to her face, then Carly tosses the photos up in the air. Julia states that Carly needs medication. Parker comes downstairs and quickly visits with Julia. Julia is annoyed that Parker was not aware he has a baby brother. Carly thinks it is best to let Parker stay at Johnís house until this Julia thing is settled. Carly arrives at the hospital to ask John if he can watch Parker for a few days, but once Carly finds out that Barbara is staying at Johnís house, Carly takes Parker back home with her. Julia apologizes to Jack for upsetting Carly. Frustrated, Jack tells Julia to get the hell out of his house.

Barbara offers to get Paul a better lawyer but Paul wants nothing to do with her, especially now that she is once again Mrs. Stenbeck. Paul tells her the only way she can help him is by testifying against James. Paul tells Barbara he does not trust her and to leave. Later, sitting at Willís bedside, Barbara gets a call from James. James asks Barbara to go away to live with him so they can spend their golden years together - or else. Barbara hangs up on him. While Ben is examining Will, Barbara starts telling Ben how she would like to replace Jessica with another lawyer to represent Paul. Ben tells Barbara that discussing her personal life and problems in Willís room is not appropriate. Ben tells Barbara that Jessica is more than qualified to represent Paul (Jessica, standing close by, hears this).

James tells Marshall that Bonnie is a problem and one that he would like to eliminate. Marshall tells James to leave Bonnie alone. James reminds Marshall that Paul is to be convicted of murder and keep Bonnie out of his way. Later, James arrives at the jail to see what Paul wants. Paul asks his father what he has to do to end all of this.

At Java Underground, Ben walks in on a startled Bonnie. Ben tells Bonnie how much Jessica means to him. Bonnie discuses her problems with Isaac and her helping Paul. After Ben leaves, Marshall arrives and warns Bonnie to stay away from James or she will be dead. Marshall explains he is trying to save her life, so leave James alone. Bonnie insists she can handle herself fine. Marshall prevents Bonnie from leaving while he explains the danger she faces. As Bonnie is screaming Isaac arrives. Isaac punches Marshall and says that James Stenbeck will have to deal with him.

Isaac asks Jessica to tell him what is going on and whom was she getting prettied up for. Jessica explains she was meeting with Marshall and that he offered Paul a plea bargain. Isaac does not buy this explanation, so he heads off to see Paul in jail. Paul explains that Bonnie has confronted James and she is in danger. Isaac demands that Paul make his father stop. After Isaac leaves, Paul asks the guard to ask his father (James) to come see him. Jessica goes to see Ben at the hospital and tries to tell him the truth, but again, she is unable to do so.