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As the World Turns Thursday 11/14/02

By Loretta

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Craig and Hal arrive at the railroad in Pennsylvania where Lucy, Alison and Aaron were hiding out at. They learn that Aaron is driving an old Volkswagen bug towards Maryland. Lucy, Alison and Aaron arrive at the University of Maryland. Alison craves a shower and a comfortable place to sleep. A student recognizes them and offers them a place to stay. In exchange for lodging, the kids agree to help out in a Frisbee game, which requires Aaron to dress as the schoolís mascot: a pink bunny. During the Frisbee game, Lucy gets in Alisonís way to many times, so Alison shoves Lucy. Aaron breaks up the fight between Lucy and Alison. Hal feels since the weather is getting colder, the kids will head to a place with a warmer climate, like Florida.

Ben tells Jessica he does not like her defending Paul. Jessica insists she will take the case and to let her handle the trial her way. Ben feels Jessica is preparing him for bad news, but Jessica only tells him that things may get unpleasant the next few weeks during Paulís trial and if she forgets to tell him how much he means to her, to forgive her. Jessica gets a call from Marshall asking her to come to the police station immediately. As Jessica prepares to leave for the station, Isaac sees her putting on perfume. When Isaac asks her why she is doing this, Jessica simply says she needs to put her best foot forward. Jessica arrives at the station, where she is given a report on Paul indicating he had drugs in his system the night of BrandyĎs murder. Marshall tells Jessica if she agrees to not represent Paul, he will drop Paulís charges to manslaughter, which would only give him three years in prison. After Jessica insists she will represent Paul, Marshall tells her he still cares for her. Jessica tells Marshall she can never love him and she leaves. Returning to Java Underground, Isaac asks Jessica what she is hiding, as it is tearing him and Bonnie apart.

Bonnie visits Paul in jail. Paul warns her it is too dangerous to get involved with his father James. Bonnie hands Paul an envelope. Paul looks inside and finds a picture of James dressed as Dracula. Bonnie says all they need is one witness to state they saw James at the Lakeview on Halloween night, which may be all the evidence they need for the charges to be dropped against Paul.

At the Lakeview, Barbara thanks John for allowing her to stay at his house. John tells her she is welcome anytime, but also tells her not to get too comfortable, he isnít used to having a roommate. James arrives and asks John why he is giving his wife (Barbara) a key to his house. John lies and tells James that he and Barbara made love all night long. Alone with Barbara, James tells her that while her affairs are none of his business, if she continues carrying on with John, she wonít be helping Paul. James reminds Barbara that if she doesnít come live with him as his wife, sheíll have to worry about both of her sons. Barbara tells James she cannot leave with him, since Will is still in a coma. Upset, Barbara leaves. Later, James sees Bonnie questioning employees at the Lakeview if they saw James on Halloween night. James tells Marshall that Bonnie is getting in his way.

Bonnie arrives at Java Underground looking for her mom (Jessica). Isaac tells Bonnie she is neglecting her duties at Java and him as well. Bonnie insists she has to help Paul. Bonnie returns to jail to give Paul good news. Bonnie tells him that the events manager at the Lakeview told her he saw James dressed as Dracula on Halloween night in the dining area.